Second-hand Goods in Seinäjoki's Flea Markets - Visit Seinäjoki
Nuori nainen ihastelee vaatteita joita on esillä liikkeessä.

Second-hand Goods in Seinäjoki’s Flea Markets

Antiques, the ’80s, and so many essentials – This Is Seinäjoki’s Flea Market Scene. Seinäjoki is home to several flea markets, vintage clothing stores, and clothing rental shops. It’s time to head out and make some eco-friendly flea market finds in Seinäjoki.



Teollisuustie 18, 60200 Seinäjoki //

SPR Hyllykallio

Laturitie 2, 60510 Seinäjoki //


Keskuskatu 13, 60100 Seinäjoki //

Kirppis Sakura

Puolatie 5, 60510 Seinäjoki //

Törnäväntien kirppis

Törnäväntie 14, 60200 Seinäjoki  //

Seinäjoen kierrätyskeskus

Päivölänkatu 34, 60120 Seinäjoki  //

Piritan kirpputori

Rengastie 6 h, 60120 Seinäjoki  //

Holmström Second Hand

Vaasantie 11, 60100 Seinäjoki // Ostokset verkossa

Vanhankylän Ullakko

Välskärinkatu 7, 60320 Seinäjoki  //

Kirppis Wanha Pokki

Keskustie 28, 61100 Peräseinäjoki  //

Vaatelainaamo Tanttu

Piiri, Atelje-talo, Björkenheimin puistotie 6, 60220 Seinäjoki  //



Address: Teollisuustie 18, 60200 Seinäjoki

The Ykkösbasaari flea market in Seinäjoki is the largest of its kind in the area. It offers a traditional marketplace where you can rent a shelf to sell your own items. Alongside the flea market stalls, new interior elements and crafting supplies can also be found. Parents can explore the market while their little ones are entertained in the play corner. Sweet treats are available near the checkout if desired. It is worth noting that Ykkösbasaari also supports charitable activities, including the Seinäjoki Region Animal Protection Association.

Kaksi nuorta naista lähdössä SPR kirpputorilta ostostensa kanssa

SPR Hyllykallio

Address: Laturitie 2, 60510 Seinäjoki

At the Finnish Red Cross (SPR) thrift store, you’ll find categorized racks for different clothing items and clearly separated shelves containing a variety of items such as pots and books. This makes it easy to quickly find exactly what you need. SPR thrift stores support charity organizations and local communities through donations of their proceeds. The SPR Hyllykallio branch welcomes gently used clothing and items as donations, which go towards supporting the Finnish Red Cross’s operations.


Address: Keskuskatu 13, 60100 Seinäjoki

At Vintarelle, you’ll find beautiful attire for both special occasions and everyday wear. Vintarelle is brimming with unique second-hand discoveries that stand out from the crowd with their colors and prints. Vintarelle operates on a consignment basis, allowing customers to bring in their own high-quality clothes and accessories for sale, receiving 50% of the selling price. Learn more on Vintarelle’s website. The diverse selection covers modern, retro, and vintage styles, including clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Alongside clothing, Vintarelle also features products from Saaren Taika. Adding to its unique style, Vintarelle showcases beautifully domestically designed dresses. You’ll also find prom dresses at Vintarelle – their sparkle is impossible to miss as you step through the door. The helpful staff at Vintarelle are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect, unique garment for any occasion.

Naiset kurkkaavat sovituskopista pitäen käsissään sovitettavia vaatteita

Kirppis Sakura

Address: Puolatie 5, 60510 Seinäjoki

Kirppis Sakura is a flea market situated in Hyllykallio, offering up to 300 selling spots and a range of children’s clothing and unique finds. The store boasts a kid’s play area, and beverages can be purchased at the counter. An exciting feature of Kirppis Sakura is its PopUp store and Ekotori section, where the shelf offerings change with each new vendor, providing ample opportunities to discover treasures. Additionally, Kirppis Sakura is located near the SPR Hyllykallio flea market.

Nuori nainen ojentaa ostoksensa kassatädille Törnävän kirpputorilla

Törnäväntien kirppis

Address: Törnäväntie 14, 60200 Seinäjoki

Törnäväntie Flea Market is a distinctive second-hand goods resale shop. Despite its small size, Törnäväntie Flea Market is an intriguing destination for making eco-friendly discoveries. As you step inside, you’ll notice yourself surrounded by glass and porcelain items. In addition to clothes and art, Törnäväntie Flea Market offers a unique assortment. The place feels like a grandmother’s house, where items are thoughtfully arranged in their own spots, waiting for a new owner.

Seinäjoen Kierrätyskeskus

Address: Päivölänkatu 34, 60120 Seinäjoki

The Recycling Center has neatly organized racks and shelves arranged into different categories, making it easy to find what you’re looking for and much more. Sustainability and the reuse of old items lie at the heart of Seinäjoki’s Recycling Center, making it an excellent place to find affordable furniture and clothes. The center announces discount days on social media, during which all items and clothes for sale are available at half price.

Piritan kirpputori

Address: Rengastie 6 h, 60120 Seinäjoki

Pirita’s Flea Market offers a diverse selection of items for all kinds of needs. You can even rent your own shelf to giving unnecessary items a new home. The offerings at Pirita’s Flea Market aren’t limited to just one category, as there is a variety of items available for purchase, ranging from retro lamps to stuffed animals. Note that the front entrance of the flea market is on the other side of the building, a short walk away from the parking lot. Additionally, Pirita’s Flea Market features a café where you can grab a snack and coffee.

Holmström Second Hand

Address: Vaasantie 11, 60100 Seinäjoki

Ostokset verkossa

A relaxed approach to vintage, retro, and Finnish design – that’s what Holmström Second Hand is all about. Discover stunning eco-friendly clothing pieces on Holmström’s Instagram. Following Holmström on social media lets you stay updated on the open-door days at the location near Seinäjoki’s Rytmikorjaamo. Carefully selected unique clothing items, shoes, and jewellery are displayed on Holmström’s shelves, waiting for new owners. Holmström’s offerings epitomize Seinäjoki’s finest fashion-conscious street style.

Vanhankylän Ullakko

Address: Välskärinkatu 7, 60320 Seinäjoki

Vanhankylän Ullakko is a large flea market where you can rent a shelf for your own use. Vanhankylän Ullakko has been in its location since 1996, making it Seinäjoki’s oldest flea market. Locals simply refer to it as ‘Ullakko’. On the first floor of the market, you’ll find long rows of shelves filled with clothes, antiques, and everyday items. The second-floor houses furniture and paintings, among other things. At the counter, you can buy candies and satisfy your coffee cravings with the coffee service. For the little ones, there’s juice and other treats available.

Kirppis Wanha Pokki

Address: Keskustie 28, 61100 Peräseinäjoki

Kirppis Wanha Pokki is a treasure trove in Peräseinäjoki, offering an exploration into the world of antique items. Wanha Pokki’s extensive selection includes pianos, sideboards, dressers, and other exquisite furniture pieces with a rich history. Don’t forget to explore the downstairs area of Wanha Pokki as well. Wanha Pokki provides a genuine opportunity for treasure hunting. It’s a dream destination for interior enthusiasts who appreciate antiques and vintage items. The flea market is open on Saturdays, and the visit is beautifully rounded off by engaging with locals at Wanha Pokki’s kiosk over coffee and ice cream while sharing stories.

Nainen poseeraa Vaatelainaamo Tantussa kesäinen mekko päällään

Vaatelainaamo Tanttu

Address: Piiri, Atelje-talo, Björkenheimin puistotie 6, 60220 Seinäjoki

Vaatelainaamo Tanttu is taking clothing borrowing to a new level. Unlike a thrift store, Tanttu functions as a clothing rental service with the goal of promoting sustainability by discouraging the purchase of new clothes for single-use purposes. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday wear, Vaatelainaamo Tanttu offers Finnish fashion for you to use. Becoming a member allows for borrowing clothes and jewelry, with borrowing mostly based on 2 or 6-month memberships. One-time borrowing is also available. Tanttu’s selection of domestic brand clothing includes names such as Uhana, R/H, Kaiko, Katri Niskanen, Papu, Vimma, and Marimekko.

Photographs and text by Ilta Lahti, @ilta.lauriina

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