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Törnävän museoalue

Törnävä Heritage Site

The stunning natural site of Törnävä is the heart of the Provincial Museum of South Ostrobothnia. The site is maintained by the City of Seinäjoki, and consists of eighteen farm buildings which date from the 17th to 19th centuries and were relocated to the site from around the province. Visitors can explore the Liinamaa farmhouse and its typical South Ostrobothnian closed farmyard, Paapantupa, a village store originating from the 1890s, a windmill, an old apothecary, a cobbler’s workshop, a clock workshop, a knife workshop, a blacksmith’s workshop and an old dairy. The dairy building houses a geological exhibition and an exhibition of the flora and fauna of the Seinäjoki region.

The nearby Östermyra or Törnävä Manor is an impressive building originally commissioned by the merchant Abraham Falander. The manor evolved into the agricultural hub of South Ostrobothnia in the late 1800s. The manor is used for the City of Seinäjoki’s formal functions and is not open to visitors, but its former outbuildings are part of the museum site and can be explored freely. Visitors to Östermyra can also explore the local industrial history, the gunpowder factory’s laboratory, and the gunpowder warehouse which was restored and converted into a church for Törnävä.

The information desk is located in the stone-built former cowshed. The building also houses temporary exhibitions, the museum gift shop and workshops as well as the Mihinä me ollahan? permanent exhibition which explores the past and present of Seinäjoki through ten different themes.


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