Aalto Mobiiliopas lapsille - Lähde mukaan Topi hiiren seikkailuun!
Lapset lukevat kirjaa Alvar Aallon kirjaston penkillä

Aalto mobile guide for children

‘I’m Topi the mouse from Seinäjoki, I live in the children’s section of the Aalto Library, and I’ll guide you into the world of the Aalto Centre, designed by the architect Alvar Aalto. I’ll also tell you stories about my grandfather Grandpa Mouse’s youth, when the Aalto Centre was just being built. The guided tour begins at the Lakeuden Risti Church and goes through the buildings in the Aalto Centre one at a time, but you can join the guided tour at any building. The guided tour includes little activities and questions to think about, some of which will require pen and paper. You can also do these activities at home.’

You can go through all the buildings with me or choose the ones you find interesting. Navigation is through the arrows in the app. You can get into the story through the browser on a PC, phone or tablet that has a working internet connection.’

The Aalto Mobile Guide for Children from the Seinäjoki Aalto Centre leads children to learn about the forms, materials and details of Alvar Aalto’s architecture. Go on an adventure with Topi the mouse at the Seinäjoki Aalto Centre by clicking this link! There’s fun for the whole family at the Seinäjoki Aalto Centre. Don’t forget to check out the mobile guide for adults here! Get inspired by Aalto with your whole family.

More information for families with children can be found here lakeudelle.fi.

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