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Tips for new students

Congratulations for your new place of study in Seinäjoki! You chose well! Seinäjoki offers new and fun experiences for students and the best of all, new unforgettable memories, and friends you made along the way. Listed below are our Seinäjoki tips to you!

Get to know the student life and the city!

Be brave and explore! This tip applies to the study community as well as to your new hometown. Especially during the first weeks, it is important to participate in most of the events, because that is the best way to get to know your new school friends and the student culture. Fortunately, you are not alone, because the people around you are also in a new situation getting used to a new phase of life.

You will be encouraged to participate in various activities, such as student organizations or tutoring. This is also worthwhile as it is a way to create a valuable network around you. Being active as a student also looks good on your CV, and you can even get credit for several activities. However, don’t put too much on your plate so that you have time for studying and leisure as well. In addition to parties, the student organizations organize various events every week, such as non-alcoholic nights in Tornisauna and sports trials. You should check out the social media accounts of SAMO and the student organization of your own field right away, so you don’t miss anything!

Explore Seinäjoki!

Seinäjoki has a lot to offer! Visit Seinäjoki is a central hub for information travellers and locals to find new and interesting things to do in Seinäjoki and we offer tips for things like activities, events, and destinations. You might want to start exploring the city with some of these sites:

Enterprises in Seinäjoki offer good student offers, which you can access with the Slice application and SAMO membership. There is a wide range of offers from restaurants, beauty salons, furniture stores and so on.

Find your own way to study and live

At the beginning of your studies, it is also good to consider the best way to study for you. Do you learn best by taking precise notes during lectures or by rehearsing things at home? And how do you store your notes – on the computer or in a folder? One way that works for many is to write down the main points of the lesson during the lecture and finish the notes at home. However, don’t stress about it too much yet because you will find your own way of studying and will refine it with time.

Your own way of living in a new city also develops over time. Explore the city and soon you will find your own favorites. Are you looking for a cozy place to enjoy coffee or tea? Check out Valkoinen Puu. Searching for nightlife and a few cold ones? Kabacka and Vekseli are a sure bet. Searching for ecological second-hand shops? Check our list of shops here! Check more on

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Finnish is for sure one of the most challenging languages to learn. It is quite essential to invest in learning it too. Do not be afraid to test your skills in practice as they develop. You can start with simple thigs such as greeting the cashier or asking help in Finnish. Practice makes perfect!

Good luck with your studies! <3

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