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The Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta

The Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta, located near the centre of Seinäjoki, is a diverse and stirring home for art, culture and events. The 130-year-old red-brick cow barn building gathers under its high roof, e.g., contemporary art exhibitions, club and course activities, concerts and food experiences.  The versatile premises of Kalevan Navetta invite you to enjoy yourself and spend time with family and friends.

The first floor of Kalevan Navetta offers a wide range of art and cultural activities, such as Seinäjoki adult education centre and Taito Southern Ostrobothnia courses. At the street level, you will also find Taito Shop Seinäjoki, a specialty shop for handicrafts and gifts, Taidelainaamo Parsi art rental and a cosy café and lunch restaurant in Äärellä.  The second and third floors of the building invite you to enjoy the changing contemporary art exhibitions and events of the Seinäjoki Taidehalli Arts Centre.

Kalevan Navetta also allows for a personal setting for events and various functions. Located on the middle floor of the building, the 300-square-meter Hugo Hall is suitable for concerts, meetings and seminars as well as family celebrations. The Vintti exhibition space on the top floor, on the other hand, serves as a memorable meeting space.

Kalevan Navetta actors:
Seinäjoki city cultural services; cultural office, centre of children’s culture Louhimo, Seinäjoki Taidehalli Arts Centre, Taito Etelä-Pohjanmaa ry; Taito Shop Seinäjoki and Handicrafts and Design School Näppi, restaurant Äärellä Kuppi+Kattila, Seinäjoki Unit of the Sibelius Academy, Seinäjoki artist association’s art rental Parsi, wood and metal work workshops of Seinäjoki adult education centre.

  • Address:

  • Nyykoolinkatu 25

  • Telephone:

  • 050 514 3407
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  • The Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta

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