A City of Events

Seinäjoki has solid experience as a host of large events.
In 2016, more than half a million event-goers came to town.

Welcome to Seinäjoki!

Here in Seinäjoki, we know how to have fun and fill a whole encyclopaedia with unforgettable summer memories!

Are you planning a summer holiday, a fun weekend or a road trip? Book your ticket to Seinäjoki and the charming Ostrobothnian mentality do the rest. Plenty is going on and being done here. The biggest summer events are Provinssi Festival, the Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinat tango event and Vauhtiajot Race & Rock, which draw over 250,000 visitors every year. There’s something for everyone. You can also spend time in Seinäjoki enjoying the culture: The Aalto Centre is a unique pearl in the middle of town. The City Theatre and Rytmikorjaamo event hall have activities almost all year round. For families with children, the best place is Duudsonit Activity Park. Take your pick!

You can’t resist the call of Seinäjoki!

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