Newly opened "Space" park - Visit Seinäjoki

Newly opened “Space” park


The autumn (winter weather to me) has come. We have sometimes quite warm autumn but this autumn has been quite chilly. But don’t worry, we just wear properly. Then it’s fine. It would be good if you wear layers because you can undress when you feel warm enough.

Well, I would like to tell you about new “Space” park that was open in June 2022.
First of all, let me explain why “space” park was built in Seinäjoki. Seinäjoki City calls itself “Capital of Space“. It has double meaning. Space means cosmos and empty place. Seinäjoki is a centre of cosmos with a lot of empty places. You may be able to find UFO stops in the city.

This is the reason why “Space” park was built in Central Park in Seinäjoki. (Address: Keskuskatu 16)

You see, the shape of the playground equipment is spaceship.
(Well, I have to say that I took those photos in summer. The sunshine is a little bit weaker nowadays and people wear a jacket.)

You (or your child) can be an astronaut.

This park suits for small children, too. For example, this slide is short and safe for them.

Inside of the equipment is also spacious. Since the ground is soft, it is also safe.

I’ve read an interview of a teacher of nursery school. According to her, she visited here many times with kids. They enjoy slides, climbing or imagination game. Additionally, they also learn social skill – for example, give up their turn when his/her turn is over.

This could be for those who aren’t interested in exercise or high places.

This slide is most popular among kids. I’ve heard many kids expect faster speed, but it would be safe from the point of view of adults.

As you see, many children enjoy this “Space” park during the summertime. Maybe they still enjoy with wearing proper clothes in autumn. If you come to Seinäjoki with small children and have spare time, I would like to recommend visiting this park. If you don’t come with children, you can see this park from Hanna ja Kerttu Café & Confectionery.

Hyvää alkusyksyä! (=Happy early autumn!)

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