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Provincial Museum of South Ostrobothnia

The Provincial Museum of South Ostrobothnia is the centre of South Ostrobothnian cultural history and the city museum of Seinäjoki. The museum was named the Provincial Museum in 1980. The complex includes the Törnävä heritage site, the Östermyra steel plant site, the Suojeluskunta & Lotta Svärd museums, and Riihimuseo at Peräseinäjoki, approximately 30 kilometres from the centre of Seinäjoki. The central museum site is at Törnävä in a beautiful natural setting three kilometres from Seinäjoki. The stone-built former cowshed houses the museum information desk, gift shop, cafeteria and workshops. The permanent exhibition titled Mihinä me ollahan? provides an overview of the history of Seinäjoki and South Ostrobothnia. Temporary exhibitions are located in the Vinttigalleria space on the upper floor.

A total of eighteen traditional farm buildings dating from the 17th–19th centuries have been relocated to the museum from around the province. Liinamaa and Paapantupa and their outbuildings form a typical South Ostrobothnian closed farmyard. In addition, the museum includes former outbuildings from the Törnävä manor dating from the 19th century. These include an apothecary, a cobbler’s workshop, a clock workshop, a knife workshop and exhibition, and a blacksmith’s workshop.


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