Stylish and comfortable hospital - M talo - Visit Seinäjoki

Stylish and comfortable hospital – M talo –


We enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves now. The combination of yellow, red, orange is breathtaking.

Well, I would like to introduce you a new stylish and comfortable hospital – M talo(=building) this time. M talo was completed in 2021, so it is quite a new hospital that includes mental health, well-being and rehabilitation services sections. Its theme is House of Possibilities. How…? Maybe you will know the reason why after you read this article. I will show the places where general people can visit in the hospital. Of course it is for patients, not for tourists. So you need to behave properly. But you could see the functionality and the comfortableness in this new Finnish hospital in Seinäjoki.


(opening hours: Mon, Tue and Thurs. 8.30–15.30, Wed. 9–17, Fri. 8.30–14)
When you enter the library, a warm atmosphere welcomes you. It is not a big but a very cozy place. As you may notice, this is a children’s section. The white object looks like a mushroom.

M talo children’s section

The library is not only a place to borrow or return books. You can be relaxed with reading a book, watching a video, listening to music or you can chat with your friends if you don’t disturb other users.

M talo library / table and chairs

Waiting room

Can I call it the waiting room or does it have another name? I took a photo from the 2nd floor. It looks spacious and comfortable and it is. The half-round space that is covered by wood is a silent room. I will show you the inside later.

M talo / from the 2nd floor

One of the reason could be the high and transparent ceiling. You may feel you are enfolded by a some white object softly.

M talo

You can’t miss this art. This artwork was painted by Soile Yli-Mäyry. Her colourful painting give good energy.

M talo Soile Yli-Mäyry’s painting

I think Finnish people selects nice furniture at home, at office and in the public space, too. The pale blue sofa and chairs matches with white and grey wall. Dark green also blends into this nice combination.

M talo Nordic colour furniture

This is a waiting / meeting space on the 2nd floor with nice autumn leaves photo. You may feel being in a forest with autumn colour.

M talo waiting space / 2nd floor

I can find many this type of sofas in the corridor. It looks like a birdhouse. Since it is covered by wood, people can feel more comfortable than without it.

M talo sofa in the corridor

Silent room

There was no one inside, so I entered. I was impressed by the soothing tone – wonderful nature photo and nature-coloured furniture.

M talo silent room

These small objects may also help to empty your mind.

M talo silent room


There is a gallery on the 2nd floor corridor. As you can see, many paintings are exhibited.

M talo gallery

These paintings also matches the wall.

M talo gallery


(Lunch Mon. – Fri. 10.30 – 13.30 /temporally closed until 24.10.2022.)
Restaurant/cafe with a lake and nature view is on 1st floor. M talo is adjacent to nature, so people can see the changes in the seasons.

M talo restaurant/cafe


It is a little bit chilly to play outside now but there is a mini playground and a mini basket court in the hospital garden.

M talo playing ground

Do you know Finnish people like makkara (=big sausage)? Especially during the summertime they enjoy baking makkara outside with nice sunshine. This is the place.

M Talo BBQ place
M talo BBQ place

You can see that it is a hospital designed to make patients more comfortable. Sauna or a terrace with a nice nature view are also available for patients.

If you have a chance to come to M talo, please go to Kyrkösjärvi Lake, too. It is also a nice place.

The address of M talo:
Östermyrankatu 9
60220 Seinäjoki

Hyvää syksyä! (= Have a nice autumn!)

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