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Seinäjoki Goods

Many leaves are starting to turn red and yellow here. I can enjoy the beautiful season for a while.

Well, I would like to show you Seinäjoki goods that are good for a souvenir this time.
First goods is a Seinäjoki mug cup.

Point1: This mug cup is made by Arabia that makes very famous Moomin mug cups.
Point2:Only 2000 mug cups have a “60 Seinäjoki” logo on the bottom. This year is the 60th anniversary for Seinäjoki city. You can see the bottom on the top picture of this blog.
Point :The bell tower of Lakeuden Risti is drawn in it.
This deigns is used as a previous Seinäjoki logo.

Are you interested in other goods? For example, postcards of Aalto Centre are also sold. The left one is Aalto Library and the right one is the view from City Theatre.

This is a reasonable set with 3 different cards. The middle card is the same design as the mug cup and right one is a motif of the ceramic wall of City Hall.

Stylish posters are also sold. You can buy it separately, but if you buy these 3 posters, you can get a discount.

Besides those, notebooks (the right one has an image photo of Capital of Space), a pot stand with a motif of Savoy vase designed by Alvar Aalto and kitchen mittens with a motif of the current Seinäjoki logo.

You can see better the current Seinäjoki logo better. It’s more colourful – that means Seinäjoki City provides more opportunities or possibilities for citizens. Seinäjoki’s Aalto Centre related books are at the bottom of the shelf. Especially left one is also written in English.

These cards are drawing. The left one is lamps of Assembly hall of City Hall. The right one is Aalto Centre.

The standing book is Seinäjoki guide map 2019. Are you accustomed to a parking disc? We use it to show from which time we park a car. If you don’t have such a system, for example, you can show the planned return time from meetings or going out with using this at the door or on the desk.

These goods are available in Seinäjoki City Hall. Additionally, brochures of Aalto Centre are also available. Of course it’s free of charge. Finnish, English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese versions are available.

This is not on sale, unfortunately. If you visit City Hall, you can see this miniature Aalto Centre. It was made at the 100th anniversary of Alvar Aalto’s birth.

After visiting City Hall, I visited Apila Library. These goods are sold there. For example, a mouse pad with the Seinäjoki previous logo is available. I’ve heard that fewer people use a mouse pad nowadays. But I use it every day.

Different types of cards of Apila Library are sold here.

It’s good to see some Seinäjoki related goods in City Theatre. I found an Aalto calendar that is published by Aalto foundation.

This scarf is a Lapuan Kankurit product. The motif is the ceramic wall of City Hall.

Savoy vase (Iittala product) is also sold. You can buy it in other places easily but if you feel to buy it, why not?

Have you noticed? Seinäjoki mug cup has its own box! Usual Moomin mug cups are available at supermarkets but they are not sold with a box. With a box, it’s good for a souvenir. And if you keep it with a box, the value could be higher later when you like to sell it. Yes, it’s a limited product.

Seinäjoki mug cup and notebook

This mug cup is sold at Seinäjoki Taito webshop. But payment is accepted by only Finnish banks and I can check only domestic delivery. If you would like to buy it, and if you are lucky to have a friend/relative who lives in Finland or you live in Finland, you may be able to buy it.

If you have a chance to visit Seinäjoki, please check these places because other goods also can be seen.

Hyvää syksyä!(=Have a wonderful autumn!)

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