Jouppilanvuori fitness track and accessible fitness trail - Visit Seinäjoki

Jouppilanvuori fitness track and accessible fitness trail

The Jouppilanvuori track is about 5.2 km long. In winter it has a cross-country ski track, but there is also a walkable section left at the edge. The terrain along the track is varied, with suitable uphill and downhill sections. There is a p-area at the top of Jouppila Mountain with good guide maps of the trails throughout the area. The trail follows the edge of the Kultavuori housing estate and later turns to follow Lake Kyrkösjärvi, passing the Central Hospital area. There are also P-areas near the Central Hospital at the Kyrkösjärvi beach and at the Joupiska ski resort on the Lakeuden road.

The route is illuminated from 6.30 to 22.30.

The Jouppilanvuori experience stairs were completed in autumn 2019, with the help of the Lakeuden Elämysliikunta ry and LEADER funding. The total length of the stairs is 200 metres and the difference in height is 50 metres. The stairs have intermediate landings. The stairs will be equipped with lighting at a later stage. There will be no maintenance of the stairs during the winter season. Access to the stairs is easiest from the right-hand edge of the p-area of the Joupiska ski resort.

There is also a 1.8 km accessible fitness trail on the “inside” of the slope, including two hlodges, the Bat Lodge and the Mockingbird Lodge. The Eagle’s Nest is available for rent

Additional information about the exercise routes of Seinäjoki can be found: and

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  • Jouppilanvuori fitness track and accessible fitness trail

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