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Festival Highlights of Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki’s summer is filled with music. There are four major festivals in Seinäjoki: Provinssi, Tangomarkkinat, Vauhtiajot, and Solar Sound. During Provinssi, music takes over the Törnävä area, while Vauhtiajot and Tangomarkkinat transform the city center, and Solar Sound fills OmaSP Stadium with sound. These festivals turn Seinäjoki into a vibrant meeting place for large crowds, creating summer memories through music. 

Provinssi Festival 

Date and location: 27.-29.6.2024, Törnäväntie 20, Seinäjoki 

The Provinssi festival has been held in Seinäjoki since 1979. It began as a rock music festival and has evolved into a diverse event featuring local and international bands performing for thousands of visitors. Last year’s Provinssi, the 41st edition, attracted approximately 73,000 attendees. This year’s lineup includes performances by Bring Me The Horizon, Apulanta, Yungblud, Jenni Vartiainen, PMMP, Måneskin, and many other amazing artists and bands. 

The venue for Provinssi is Törnävä, where the festival is rebuilt every year with a large team. The sense of community at Provinssi is evident among festival-goers, volunteers, and organizations. Provinssi is also actively working to reduce its environmental impact. You can read more about the schedules, tickets, and history of Provinssi on their website. www.provinssi.fi 

Seinäjoki Tangomarkkinat 

Ilmakuva Tangomarkkinoiden festivaalilavasta jonka edessä on paljon yleisöä

Date and location: 10.-14.7.2024, Seinäjoki city centre 

Seinäjoki Tangomarkkinat offers grand emotions and experiences! The vibrant heart of the festival, Tangokatu, features three days of dancing and singing to the tunes of the brightest Tango stars. Dance on the 600 m² floor in the Satumaateltta, enjoy the street stage performances from the VIP area, and savor delicious VIP meals at the tango x Juurella pop-up restaurant. 

Tango Arena provides a magnificent setting for the festival’s 40th-anniversary celebration concert and the Singing Competition Finals. The 40th-anniversary concert on Friday sets a festive tone for Saturday when the winner crowns are contested at the Tango Arena. The finals will conclude with the crowning of the 2024 Tango Royals. 

Laulaja esiintymässä Tangokilpailussa

The whirl of the dance hall ensures that everyone gets their fill of dancing. During the day, dance camps propel eager dancers into the evening dances at the Dance Hall. The opening dances on Wednesday take place at the Dance Hall, while on Saturday, the dance floor and the grandstands offer excellent settings for watching the Lavatango Finnish Championship. Explore the event program and detailed schedules at www.tangomarkkinat.fi.  

Vauhtiajot Race & Rock Festival  

Yleisöä katsomassa Vauhtiajojen festivaalikeikkaa

Date and location: 18.-20.7.2024, Lakeudenpuisto, Seinäjoki 

For 20 years, the Seinäjoki Vauhtiajot Race & Rock Festival has been electrifying the streets of Seinäjoki. Its history intertwines motorsport and music. This year, Vauhtiajot takes a break from the racing circuit and celebrates at full speed with music. 

Ilmakuva suuresta yleisömäärästä festivaalialueella

For the first time, the festival introduces the Jyrki retro stage, featuring both international and local artists. The music lineup spans from the 90s to the millennium, with performances by E-Type, Inna, Basshunter, ItaloBrothers, Mohombi, Las Ketchup, Günther, Pandora, Basic Element, and Finnish acts like Ressu Redford, Miljoonasade, Waldo’s People, and Movetron. The event takes place in the city center of Seinäjoki, at Lakeudenpuisto and Olavinpuisto. 

This year marks the 21st edition of Vauhtiajot. It has a history filled with golden moments of car racing culture and now it has an international festival atmosphere. Last year, the festival attracted nearly 66,000 attendees. This year, the focus on the area program will be evident in entirely new ways, with activities like karaoke buses, bungee jumping, and dance and circus performances. Check out the Vauhtiajot program on their website at www.vauhtiajot.fi

Solar Sound Festival 

Yleisöä katsomassa artistin esiintymistä festivaaleilla

Date and location: 9.-10.8.2024, OmaSp Stadion, Seinäjoki 

The urban and electronic music city festival, Solar Sound, held in August, serves as the grand finale of Seinäjoki’s festival-packed summer. For more information about the Solar Sound Festival program, visit the event’s official website www.solarsound.fi

Solar Sound has become an integral part of Seinäjoki’s festivals over its 12-year journey. The two-day Solar Sound Festival brings a lineup of top Finnish artists to Seinäjoki’s OmaSp Stadium. Artists include Teflon Brothers, Turisti, Jore & Zpoppa, VJ, KERZA, Mouhous, Gettomasa, Haloo Helsinki!, Costi, Lauri Haav, Elastinen, TUULI, and Robin Packalen. 

Festivaalien esiintymislava ja ilotulituksia

Last year Solar Sound Festival attracted over 12,000 visitors over the weekend, along with accompanying events. This year, the celebration of summer days will once again be danced to the rhythms of Solar Sound Festival. 

Photographs: Visit Seinäjoki. Solar Sound Festival: Riia Grasshill. Vauhtiajot: Joni Rantala,  Saija Valtonen. Tangomarkkinat Oy. Content creator: Ilta @iIta.creative 

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