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4h elämysmaailma seinäjoki


4H-elämysmaailma is a summer destination at Ylistaro in Seinäjoki. The petting zoo has farm animals including sheep, rabbits, goats, calves, ponies, pigs and birds. The animals are housed in spacious pens. In addition to the petting zoo, visitors have access to a playground, a kiosk and café, and a museum with old horse-powered machines. The playground has swings, mini tractors and pedal cars as well as a giant swing which can accommodate up to twelve children at a time! In the museum, visitors can explore horse-powered machines and have a go at milking a cow. The kiosk and café serves snacks including coffee, sweets, soft drinks, ice cream and sausages for grilling, as well as souvenirs. Tickets for Elämysmaailma are also sold at the kiosk. The entrance fee includes a round of mini golf. There are two barbecue areas where visitors can cook sausages and bring their own snacks.

  • Address:

  • Tuulivuorentie 221

  • Telephone:

  • 0400-165 279
  • Location on Map:

  • 4H-elämysmaailma

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