Mill cafe of Kriikku - Visit Seinäjoki
Kriikun Myllykaffila kosken varrella Ylistarossa. Kuvassa vanha myllyrakennus ja sen yhteyteen rakennettu kesäterassi, jossa asiakkaat voivat juoda kahvia.

Mill cafe of Kriikku

Kriikun Myllykaffila is located on the edge of the beautiful Kirkonkoski rapids in Ylistaro. The mill is still owned by the founding family Kriikku. The owners have renovated the mill and the mill hut cafe for the tourist use. The mill has been brought back to life to tell visitors about its history of more than one hundred years. The mill is located on the shore of the protected, free-flowing Kirkonkoski, in the Kyrönjoki national landscape in the center of Ylistaro.

You can enjoy your coffee right on the edge of the rapids on the idyllic terrace. Coffee and pastries are always freshly baked. Myllykaffila is open every day in the summer. The opening hours will change from the beginning of September, so you should check them on the cafe's own website.


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