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The Flourishing Piiri

Seinäjoki’s splendid Piiri area is teeming with inviting culture and vibrant local entrepreneurship. At Restaurant Verstas, the summer heat is complemented by exhilarating performances by Improaalto. For those with younger children, it’s worth heading to the Piiri Summer Theatre to watch the musical theatre performance of ‘The Country Mouse and the City Mouse’. The Piiri experience is enriched by guided tours, artistic workshops, the Hospital Museum, and the option to spend the night in Hostel Bjorkenheim’s cozy rooms.

Come to Piiri for a cultural immersion! The Piiri area is being shaped in new directions by numerous entrepreneurs and associations from various fields. Discover them and Piiri’s events here –

Restaurant Verstas

The atmosphere of the summer season is built on the summer terrace amidst local culture. Restaurant Verstas offers an excellent lunch spot that brightens weekdays with quality meals. Restaurant Verstas has a changing lunch and summer menu, along with summer terrace theatre performances and children’s theatre shows in the Teatteri Hysteria hall. 

Binding together the unique restaurant experience is the stage of Restaurant Verstas’s summer terrace, where on certain days, you can enjoy live music and Teatteri Hysteria’s Impro Aalto improvisational performances for dessert. During the terrace performances, the bar serving refreshments is open, and you can order from the summer menu to be served at your table. Explore the summer menu and performances on Restaurant Verstas’s website. The improvisational performances are presented in Finnish.

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Impro Aalto and Children’s Theater Shows

The Impro Aalto performances by Teatteri Hysteria on Restaurant Verstas’s summer terrace will boost the summer atmosphere. It’s time to relish the entertaining shows of Impro Aalto alongside tasty meals and cold refreshments. In improvisational theater, the performance takes its own course without a planned script. You can participate in Impro Aalto shows repeatedly because each one is a unique experience. Learn more on Teatteri Hysteria’s website. The shows are presented in Finnish. 

During the summer, Teatteri Hysteria’s hall hosts theater performances for children. Young actors of the theatre carry out these performances. You don’t need to worry about rain, as the shows are held indoors. You can also enjoy Restaurant Verstas’s children’s summer menu alongside the performances.

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“Country Mouse and City Mouse” Musical Theater Show 

In July and August, Teatteri Hysteria’s theater hall presents the “Country Mouse and City Mouse” musical theater show for children, which is spoken in Finnish. The show tells a tale of friendship between different companions and emphasizes the importance of standing up for each other. The charming “Country Mouse and City Mouse” is a classic tale where adventures unfold both in the city and in the countryside. Rain won’t be a concern as the performances are held indoors at Teatteri Hysteria. Duration is approximately 45 minutes.

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Maalaishiiri ja kaupunkilaishiiri Teatteri Hysteria Promokuva


Passionate about wild herbs and nature. Go-Rento products are handcrafted from ingredients gathered from the nature of Seinäjoki. Go-Rento products include bar soaps and shampoos. Each soap, adorned with patterns and colors, possesses a unique scent and a story behind its ingredients. Go-Rento is driven by skilled knowledge of wild herbs, environmental consciousness, and respect for nature.

Go-Rento offers fantastic adventures for the summer with wild herb walks. A wild herb walk involves a guided exploration of Piiri’s nature, searching for and collecting wild herbs. For an enriching experience, gather your group of friends and book the ‘Williä Buustia Ruokapöytään’ (Willi’s Boost to the Dining Table) experience to complement the wild herb walk. This experience introduces the practical use of the collected wild herbs.

Nainen ihastelemassa  tuotteita GoRento myymälässä


G-moodi, located in Seinäjoen Piiri area, is a company that manufactures and sells laser-cut birch plywood products. Artistic birch plywood products can be found as celebration and interior items, as well as jewelry. The distinctive premises were once used as a woodworking shop for the hospital. Piiri’s old woodworking shop is now brimming with colorful inspiration provided by the design company G-moodi.

G-moodi also offers the opportunity to create art individually or together. The ‘Korvisbaari’ (Earring Bar) is a fun way to spend time crafting beautiful jewelry. The selection includes differently colored and shaped pieces, allowing for the creation of a truly unique style.

Nainen ja mies katselemassa korvakoruja G moodin korvisbaarissa

Hostel Bjorkenheim

The rich cultural heritage of Piiri now lives on in the form of a hostel. The large white building opposite Piiri’s beautiful park area is the open-to-all Hostel Bjorkenheim. The comfortable Hostel Bjorkenheim offers a wonderful opportunity to feel a part of Piiri’s history. Staying at Piiri is possible at Hostel Bjorkenheim, just about 3 kilometers from the center of Seinäjoki. Buses pass by nearby, and available electric scooters are a great solution for getting to the city center. Hostel rooms can be easily booked online. Prepare for Seinäjoki’s extensive festival and event-filled summer by booking your rooms well in advance.

Mies ja nainen pitelevät käsistä kiinni Hostelli Björkenheimin ulko-oven edessä


The Sairaalamuseo (Hospital Museum) located in Piiri holds stories of the daily lives of those who lived and worked in the area. Today, Piiri is a vibrant cultural hub where a new approach to the area’s history is being forged. This history becomes intimately familiar through the Sairaalamuseo. The museum building showcases items related to South Ostrobothnian healthcare and materials depicting the daily life of the hospital. A guided tour of the Sairaalamuseo is an excellent way to learn more about the museum and the history of Piiri.

Read more about guided tours on the City of Seinäjoki’s website.

Piirin kirkko

The Piiri Church is a charming small building nestled in nature, offering a place of quiet contemplation where one can imagine the inhabitants of the Piiri area. The church is visible on the edge of the dense forest before turning towards the Verstas parking lot. The proximity to nature is a constant presence throughout the Piiri area. The beautiful garden, roads lined with lush deciduous trees, and the park square are complemented by the ancient forest behind the church, with its towering spruces, enhancing Piiri’s unique atmosphere.

Vierailijoita Piirin opastetulla kierroksella

Opastetut kierrokset Piirillä

The guided tour of the Piiri area is a journey of just over a kilometer, taking you back in time. Knowledgeable guides share stories of the various buildings and the people who lived there. The magnificent Piiri area is evolving towards a new everyday life with each passing day. During the guided tours, you’ll explore the leap from the old hospital area to the current Piiri, filled with culture and entrepreneurship.

Mies suutelee naisen kättä kun he istuvat sillanreunalla

Seinäjoen taiteilijaseuran tilat

The old hospital buildings in Piiri have been transformed into spaces for artists and well-being professionals, among others. Piiri’s Ateljé House provides excellent working conditions for those in the creative industries. The community actively collaborates with other Piiri entities to organize events and develop activities in the area. The offices of the Seinäjoki Artists’ Association are also located in Ateljé House, Accommodation for the residency has been found on the top floor of the building across the street.

Taiteilija ja vierailija ihastelemassa maalausta

The Art Rental Gallery Parsi, operated by the Seinäjoki Artists’ Association, is in the Kaleva Barn Art and Cultural Center, adjacent to Taito Shop Seinäjoki. The rental gallery offers works by professional artists for loan. Art can be conveniently acquired for homes and workplaces through interest-free installment payments. Everyone can find beautiful pieces to rent or own for their homes. The collection features a changing selection of works by Seinäjoki Artists’ Association members and invited professional artists. The available artworks include paintings, graphics, sculptures, photographs, and other visual art. Borrowing art is a refreshing way to add new colors and shapes to your home for celebrations or everyday life.

Larger pieces of art can be ordered through the art rental service, and arrangements can be made for viewings, such as visiting the artist’s studio. In the picture, visual artist Minna Bengs is showcasing her workspace. Bengs is a member and employee of the Artists’ Association.

Piirillä vieraileva pariskunta vaihtaa katseita keskenään

Luovuuden Lakeus

There are great surprises within the businesses in the Piiri area to support everyone’s daily life. One of these wellness services is “Creative Plains.” Diverse wellness events and services help individuals take a step towards unleashing their creativity through various concepts. Varied experiential workshops, training sessions, and other events encompass the most imaginative ways to bring one’s unique developmental path and creative potential to life. The knowledgeable staff of “Creative Plains” is prepared for collaborations in communication, advocacy, social, and health sectors. Among the company’s distinctive features are therapy sheep as well as visits to care homes accompanied by music.

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