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Seurakuntakeskuksen penkkirivi ja Aallon suunnittelma puusäleikkö seinällä

Parish Centre

Aalto designed the churchyard inside the Parish Centre so that it could accommodate outdoor events. In the parish hall, the acoustic cladding is made from common beech and the pews are made from red-hearted pine. These same wood types were also used in the interiors of the Lakeuden Risti church. The 213-foot church tower is a famous Seinäjoki landmark. The tower can be accessed by a lift.

Koulukatu 24

Opening hours: Open during functions.

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Parish Centre

• On the western side of Lakeuden Risti, a U-shaped parish centre surrounding the church yard on three sides was built in 1965-66.

• Aalto designed the church yard in such a way that it would be possible to hold outdoor events there.

• The same timber was used in the parish meeting hall as in the interior of the church.