2. Ähtäri Zoo – Home of the Pandas - Visit Seinäjoki
Ähtäri Zoo

2. Ähtäri Zoo – Home of the Pandas

Ähtäri Zoo is Finland’s first natural zoo, and welcomes all for a journey into the wonderful world of nature to experience joy and insights in the company of nature and animals.

While visitors enjoy themselves, animals thrive at Ähtäri Zoo — the zoo is home to about 60 different species. Ähtäri Zoo is especially known for its bears, but you can also see many other exciting species from the coniferous forest zone, such as the wolverine, wolf, lynx and the very threatened snow leopard and takin, aka gnu goat.

In the spring of 2018, two pandas will move to Ähtäri from China — a male named Hua Bao and a female named Jin Baobao. The pandas’ relocation to Ähtäri is part of a giant panda conservation project between China and Finland. The common goal of the project is to get the giant pandas to reproduce under natural conditions at Ähtäri.

A Panda House and natural yard area, which is one of the world’s largest, are being prepared at the zoo. The Panda House contains indoor pens, veterinary and technical spaces, and a restaurant and customer areas as part of the whole. 

The Ähtäri Zoo’s new Domestic Animal Area exhibits farm animals and life.

Ähtäri Zoo is located in Ähtäri, about 90 km from Seinäjoki. The easiest way to get to the zoo is in your own car. You can also get to Ähtäri by train from Seinäjoki.

More information: ahtarizoo.fi


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