Art and Culture Centre -Kalevan Navetta- Visit Seinäjoki

Art and Culture Centre -Kalevan Navetta-


Midsummer holiday is second important holiday following the Christmas holiday for Finnish people. Midsummer holiday is often a little bit chilly or rainy, so people can’t enjoy it. But this Midsummer was perfect – super good weather with around 25 degrees. People could enjoy the holiday perfectly. It was like a big gift because we had had to stay at home during the springtime due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 situation has been quite good not only in Seinäjoki but also in Finland. Thanks for this situation, buffet in restaurants are allowed, risk group – older than 70 years old are allowed to go out and we can even travel to the countries with low infection rates without any quarantine. Concerts or sports events are also allowed. Of course we still have to be careful but we could enjoy the summer.

Well, I would like to introduce Kalevan Navetta this time. This building used to be a cowshed. It was renovated and now Seinäjoki Art Museum, restaurant Äärellä Kuppi+Kattila and stylish crafts shop Taito Shop are inside.

I’ll start from Seinäjoki art museum. The museum used to be situated in another place and it moves to Kalevan Navetta in March. Unfortunately, it had to be closed based on the request from the government after some days later from the opening. Now it opens again from June.

Art and Culture Centre
Art and Culture Centre

The exhibition space is on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The exhibition on the 2nd floor is ”Nice to (finally) meet you!”. The sculptures and videos created by Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic artists are shown. This exhibition is shown until 1.8.2020. You can buy an entrance ticket at the counter of Taito shop. English exhibition guide paper is also available there.

The exhibition on 3rd floor is ”Notes” by Petra Koivisto. Her a little bit lonely work blends well in the space where the brick walls, the wooden ceiling, and the light from the skylight are impressive.

Art and Culture Centre

It’s interesting combination of modern space and traditional wooden parts. This exhibition is also shown until 1.8.2020.

In case that you’re hungry or you want to take a rest, please visit Äärellä Kuppi+Kattila. It used to be situated in the centre of the city and finally it opens here. (I had waited for 10 months. Welcome back!)

This restaurant also creates modern space with original atmosphere. It’s easy to keep social distance because there are many tables here.

Would you like to know the lunch?
Here it is!
This is not dinner but lunch. Gorgeous, isn’t it?
The main menu of the day was pork. Needless to mention the pork, the garnish was delicious. The original sauce of Äärellä and garnish with special technique can’t be tasted in other restaurants.
You can choose the main dish from 2 choices. The main dish is changed weekly. Lunch includes salad, main dish and coffee / tea. Of course you can order sweets or snack food here.

Taito shop

Taito shop is next to Äärellä. You can find hobby items as well as nice souvenir here. The small parts on the wall is a part of wieving machine.

As you see, you can find for examples, candles that are often used in Finland, sponge wipes or trays… of course sauna goods, too.

The pattern of red diamond shape of a bottle cover is a symbol of this area. It suits well as a present for those who are full of local love or as a travel memory.

You can also find craft products like yarns. Workshop is also available.

These are the shps or facility in Kalevan Navetta. Since Kalevan Navetta is “Art and Culture Centre”, art or culture related events or classes are held.
For example, community college – Kansalaisopisto provides woodcrafts class here. Summer party will be held on 7.8.2020. In this party a concert is held in the inner garden, grilled dishes are served by Äärellä, the exhibition of craftwork is shown at Taito Shop and guide tour is provided by the museum. You can check these events from Facebook of Kalevan Navetta(Finnish)

Kalevan Navetta
Address:Nyykoolinkatu 25
60100 Seinäjoki
It takes about 15 minutes by walk from Seinäjoki Railway Station. A rental cycle is another way to go there.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to travel to Finland due to Covid-19, but when you have a chance to visit Seinäjoki, please do visit Kalevan Navetta.

Iloista kesää! (=Have a happy summer!)

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