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Kuntoilijat Seinäjoen Joupin kuntoportailla kiipeämässä ylös.

Fitness ladder

The popular fitness stairs (adventure stairs) are located in the Joupiska outdoor recreation area.  The stairs are located on the edge of the Joupiska ski centre (on the edge of the Kultavuori housing estate) and are accessible from the ski centre’s p-area and the fitness track. There are two staircases from the bottom of the slope, which then merge into a single staircase to the top. The wooden stairs are about two metres wide and have in total 278 steps when climbing the „most direct” route to the top. From the intermediate platform there are other stairs leading down. The stairs are flanked by handrails, which will later be lit on both sides. A viewing platform will be built on the intermediate platform, from which you can admire the view of the field valleys. A viewing platform will  be built at the top as well, and the stairs will then offer a fine view of the city centre, too.

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  • Fitness ladder

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