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Äärellä -ravintolan ruoka-annos lautasella.

Seinäjoki savour – fine food and architecture

Day starts with a guided walking tour at the Seinäjoki Aalto Centre (FI, EN, SVE, DE, RU, JPN)

Alvar Aalto designed the cultural and administrative center of Seinäjoki. The unique centre consists of six buildings: the Cross of the Plains Church, Parish centre, City Hall, municipal library, governmental office building and City Theatre. During the summer you can also visit the 65-metre high church tower and enjoy the scenery. It is also recommended to go and see the new library Apila, which is connected to the Aalto Library by an underground passageway. Apila was designed by the Finnish office JKMM Architects. The largest private collection of Aalto glassware is on display at the Aalto Library. Duration 2 hours.

From the Aalto Centre, the tour will continue onward to the Kalevan Navetta Art and Culture Centre. Lunch will be served at Äärellä-restaurant. Äärellä is a lively urban restaurant that serves a delicious lunch made from local ingredients in a relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, you will be able to explore and get to know local arts and crafts and shop in the local handicraft shop; Taito Shop Seinäjoki. Duration 1,5 hours.

Shopping: Taito Shop Seinäjoki

Taito Shop Seinäjoki offers a selection of Finnish and more specifically local Ostrobothnian handicrafts. The products are funny, creative and contemporary – perfect for everyday use or as gifts. Open from Monday to Friday 11 – 19, Saturdays 11 – 15. Read more on

A visit to The Defence Corps and Lotta Svärd Museum

Day continues with a guided tour in the Defence Corps and Lotta Svärd Museum, which is dedicated to voluntary national defence. The museum building was designed by Aalto in the 1920s as a Defence Corps building. Stylistically it represents Nordic Classicism. Today it is one of the rare building from Aalto’s early career that has retained well near its original appearance. It has been renovated since the 1980’ as close to original plans as possible.

Dinner with an Aalto menu in restaurant Manor House of Uppala

The day will culminate at the Manos House of Uppala, where dinner will be served in Restaurant Uppala. The estate is one of the oldest in Seinäjoki and its history has been traced to the 17th century. The Manor House of Uppala was opened in July 2009. The house has still the original construction dating back to the 18th century. Duration 2 hours. Alvar Aalto has visited Uppala. He was friends with the former owner Jussi Tala and he dined at Uppala during the construction of the Cross of the Plains Church, long before the restaurant opened.

You shall be served a menu à la Aalto. The dishes are compilation of design and Finnish nature – which was the major source of inspiration for Alvar Aalto. The dishes have international twists, as Aalto himself was a cosmopolite. References to Italy, a country dear to Aalto, are visible in many of his buildings. The Aalto menu of Uppala is made of beautiful and detailed dishes, fish from Finnish lakes, berries, mushroom and game from the forest, and a touch of European cuisine.

Example price: Starting 195 € per person


  • Guided walking tour in the Seinäjoki Aalto Centre, 1,5 h.
  • Lunch in restaurant Äärellä in Kalevan Navetta Art and Culture Centre
  • Entrance fees and a guided tour in The Defence Corps and Lotta Svärd Museum, 1 – 1,5 h.
  • Dinner with an Aalto menu in the Manor House of Uppala


  • Accommodation
  • Drinks during lunch or dinner
  • Transportation by bus
  • Train tickets

Accommodation at Hotel Alma, in Seinäjoki:
The tour does not include accommodation. However, we can warmly recommend Hotel Alma. It is located very near to the railway station and it is one of the oldest buildings in Seinäjoki. Get to know other hotels in Seinäjoki area

Brewery tour: Mallaskoski Brewery / Mallaskosken Panimo
A visit to the brewery with a guided tour and a possibility to taste the products. The founder of the Mallaskoski Brewery, Johan Wallenius, started to brew beer in 1921 in an old washing house. In 1928 he decided to buy a plot by the raging rapids and build a mill, that would produce refreshers and beer. Today the beer is also exported abroad. 

The beer is still produced using the same yeast, by the same foaming rapids, with the same persistent attitude, handmade and without preservatives. Within the brewery there is a restaurant, which offers a mighty view to the foaming rapids of the river Seinäjoki.

Local ceramics: Amfora’s boutique
Finnish design has received worldwide recognition. At Amfora’s boutique you will get to discover beauty and uniqueness of Scandinavian design by Päivi Rintaniemi. Amfora’s ceramics are produced with high quality for both everyday life and special moments.

Good to know

  • Guided tours include stairs and uphill walking
  • Good shoes suitable for walking are highly recommended
  • Transfers between locations by charter bus
  • Transfers on locations on foot
  • Learn more about the Seinäjoki Aalto Centre on a mobile guide Tarinasoitin, (FI, EN, SVE, JPN) before or during the trip.

The price has been calculated for a group of 10 persons. Accommodation is not included. The availability of the services and the prices are revised and confirmed according to the time of travel when responding to a customer enquiry. The programme is a suggestion and can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs. All rights reserved. We follow the general terms and conditions for package tours.


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