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Alvar Aalto was a legendary Finnish architect and historical figure. The mark of Aalto’s hand can be strongly seen in Seinäjoki and draws the interest of architecture enthusiasts both nationally and internationally. However, Aalto has a lot to offer for all of us. The architectural whole of Seinäjoki combined with the city’s services provides a unique opportunity to be inspired and enthused – to discover beauty and cultural and historical value in Seinäjoki as well as to enjoy the offerings of the centre of the region of Southern Ostrobothnia. Seinäjoki’s Aalto Centre offers amazing experiences and sights for every visitor, which you can enjoy alone, with friends or with your whole family.

Aalto Inspires is a collection of Aalto sites, products and services which offers set packages as well as opportunities to customise freely. It will inspire you to see, do, experience and try. Aalto Inspires gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy their own creativity and to draw from Aalto. Get to know the Aalto sites and products, choose the ones that interest you the most and let Aalto inspire you!

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The Aalto centre is located in the immediate vicinity of Seinäjoki’s railway center, a short walk away. During the summer, it is possible to move on Seinäjoki with electric scooters for rent. There are several different parking areas for cars next to the Aalto centre, the largest of which is located next to the Apila library on Alvar Aallon katu. There is a frame locking option for bikes next to the theater’s main doors.
Address: Koulukatu 21, 60100 Seinäjoki, Aalto centre on Google maps.

Opening hours: The opening hours of the Aalto centre’s locations vary, see the location cards for more information

Entrance fee: You can visit the sites free of charge within the opening hours in spaces open to the public. Please note that the buildings are in normal use as a town hall, library, church, parish center, theater and office building.

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Alvar Aalto sites

Aalto himself

The architect, designer and scholar Alvar Aalto was born on 3 February 1898 in Kuortane, South Ostrobothnia. Aalto is Finland’s…

Aalto Library

The fan shape of the library’s main room is the most striking feature of the building. Light falls through the…

Apila Library

Seinäjoki received a new library in 2012, when the impressive building designed by JKMM Arkkitehdit and named Apila, was completed.…

Central Government Offices

Aalto completed the administrative complex with a white-rendered, three-storey office building. He wanted to create an end point for the…

City Hall

The dark blue ceramic tiles on the City Hall’s facade glimmer and change their appearance in different light conditions. ”The…

Lakeuden Risti Church

In 1951, Aalto entered an architectural competition organised by the town of Seinäjoki in search of an architect to design…


Alvar Aalto in Seinäjoki Alvar Aalto inspires. The Aalto Centre in Seinäjoki is an internationally unique architectural complex. Seinäjoki is…

Parish Centre

Aalto designed the churchyard inside the Parish Centre so that it could accommodate outdoor events. In the parish hall, the…

Seinäjoki City Theatre

Alvar Aalto designed the theatre in 1968, but it wasn’t completed until 1987, under the supervision of Elissa Aalto. The…

Seinäjoki theatre Restaurant

Theatre restaurant in the magnificent Aalto Centre offers high-quality meeting, lunch and catering services, cakes and snacks during performance intervals…

Southern Ostrobothnia Civil Guard Headquarters

The Suojeluskunta & Lotta Svärd Museum operates in the headquarters of the South Ostrobothnia Civil Guard designed by Alvar Aalto.…

The world’s largest collection of Aalto glassware

The city of Seinäjoki owns an Aino and Alvar Aalto glassware collection of over 200 pieces. It primarily contains famous…

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The Aalto Centre Seinäjoki


The video shot by Katja Lösönen shows how the Aalto Centre is made for people:
it is a place for work, celebration and recreation. Watch the video in here.

Isle Art Industries has filmed the newest video on Alvar Aalto sites of Seinäjoki in summer of 2020. Watch the video in here.

Experience and listen to Alvar Aalto in here.