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Suojeluskunta ja Lotta Svård museo Seinäjoella

Museum Day in Seinäjoki

A museum day spent in Seinäjoki takes you through local and somewhat more distant history. In each of Seinäjoki’s museums, you can explore the past from various perspectives. Many museums of Seinäjoki can be found on social media, so follow them to stay tuned about current events and activities.

Come and explore the museums of Seinäjoki!

  • Civil Guard and Lotta Svärd Museum, Kauppakatu 17, Seinäjoki
  • Museum of South Ostrobothnia, Törnäväntie 23, Seinäjoki
  • Hospital Museum, Björkenheimin puistotie 2, Seinäjoki
  • Nurmo Local Heritage Museum, Hermannintie 1, Seinäjoki
  • South Ostrobothnia Tractor Museum, Keskinurmontie 79, Seinäjoki
  • Migration Museum, Länsirannantie 2, Peräseinäjoki
Lotta Svärd museo julkisivu

Civil Guard and Lotta Svärd Museum

Address: Kauppakatu 17, Seinäjoki

In the centre of Seinäjoki stands an impressive green wooden building. It’s not just any house but a masterpiece representing Alvar Aalto’s Nordic classicism. The museum focuses on the activities of civil guards, Lottas, and Jägers (Jääkärit). Through exhibitions, the deepest essence of the time can be conveyed. In the inner courtyard, there’s an exhibition space, hosting changing exhibitions and an exhibition about the Finnish Civil War era called Mannerheim’s Headquarters in Seinäjoki in 1918.

The inner courtyard of the museum also features a national Civil Guard statue by sculptor Pentti Papinaho, as well as a relief of a Civil Guard boy and Lotta. During the summer season, the museum offers two guided tours for the price of admission from Thursday to Sunday: Basic exhibition guidance “On the Nation’s Business” and guidance on Aalto’s architecture in the Civil Guard House.

Read more on the City of Seinäjoki’s website.

Törnävän ulkomuseo

Museum of South Ostrobothnia

Address: Törnäväntie 23, Seinäjoki

The Museum of South Ostrobothnia showcases stories from history to the present day. Arriving, you can notice the magnificent windmill that draws interest to the museum’s extensive offerings. The Törnävä area provides an impressive setting for an open-air museum and the museum’s Stone Barn (Kivinavetta), which houses changing exhibitions from the Attic Gallery and the “Where Are We?” (Mihinä me ollahan?) basic exhibition.

The open-air museum area includes Liinamaa’s house, skillfully preserved to provide a window into the lives of long-gone Southern Ostrobothnians. Lavishly decorated furniture, flatbread on the ceiling, and handicrafts are arranged as if the house were still inhabited. Liinamaa house, outbuildings, and a magnificent windmill have been moved to the museum area from nearby areas. The history of the oldest museum buildings dates to the 17th century. Over the years, many people have passed through them, but the buildings have changed only a little. The bright pink Punatulkku buildings of Törnävä Manor’s courtyard contain the bailiff’s residence, craft workshops, and a rural pharmacy. The

manor’s old dairy has been renovated to become part of the museum experience: it now houses the Keidas nature and geo exhibition. The museum area is divided by a road, on the other side of which stands Liinamaa house with its outbuildings. The best way to explore the museum’s buildings is with guided tours led by the museum’s knowledgeable staff. The highlight of the summer season is the family-friendly Östermyra Day on August 17th.

You can book guided tours for larger groups from the museum, see the contact information on the Seinäjoki City website.

Read more on the City of Seinäjoki’s website.

Sairaalamuseo Törnävällä

Hospital Museum

Address: Björkenheimin puistotie 2, Seinäjoki

The Hospital Museum is in the former mental hospital area, Piiri. Today, Piiri is a vibrant cultural hub that offers a new approach to the area’s history. That history becomes familiar in the best possible way at the Hospital Museum.

The museum building exhibits objects related to South Ostrobothnian healthcare and materials depicting hospital life in over 40 exhibition rooms. The topics cover both psychiatric care and somatic issues from childbirth to eye diseases. A guided tour is an excellent way to learn more about the Hospital Museum and Piiri’s history. Guided tours are organized from Thursday to Sunday throughout the summer, at 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM. You can also book a private tour for your group.

You can book guided tours for larger groups from the museum, see the contact information on the Seinäjoki City website.

Nurmon kotiseutumuseo

Nurmo Local Heritage Museum

Address: Hermannintie 1, Seinäjoki

Discovering Nurmo’s Tradition. The museum area consists of a main building from the 1700s and courtyard buildings transferred from various parts of Nurmo. You’ll experience the traditional cottage atmosphere and learn about the influence of the religious revival movement (herännäisyys) in the parish, Karelian evacuees, Nurmo athletes, and exhibitions about the wartime period. Additionally, in the courtyard buildings, you can explore, among other things, the tradition of metal casting and American immigration.

Read more on the Nurmoo Society’s website.

Etelä-Pohjanmaan traktorimuseo

South Ostrobothnia Tractor Museum

Address: Keskinurmontie 79, Seinäjoki

The South Ostrobothnia Tractor Museum boasts Finland’s largest private tractor collection. What happens to old tractors left to rust away on their own? In the best-case scenario, their path leads to Matti Jaskari’s restoration workshop. Here, the tractors are restored to splendid condition. Come and explore Finland’s largest private collection of vintage tractors in Nurmo. In two large halls, 150 beautifully restored tractors await, all of which have been used in agricultural work. Behind these tractors lie interesting tales and anecdotes, alongside their agricultural history.

Read more on the tractor museum’s website.


Migration Museum

Address: Länsirannantie 2, Peräseinäjoki

The museum’s exhibition spaces take visitors through the compelling entirety of Finnish immigrant stories. It’s an exciting experience for the whole family, as almost every family has someone who has emigrated from Finland or to Finland. The Migration Museum is in Peräseinäjoki. The outdoor museum features four residential buildings from three continents, recounting Finnish migration in the early 20th century. Small events can be organized on the Migration Museum’s premises throughout the year. Situated near a beautiful lake, the museum invites visitors to spend time not only with history but also amid local culture.

Read more on the Migration Museum’s website.

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