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Alvar Aallon suunnittelema Aalto-kirjasto

Aalto Library

The fan shape of the library’s main room is the most striking feature of the building. Light falls through the slatted windows of the room and casts beautiful shapes on the ceiling, walls and shelves. The restored Aalto-designed library was opened in May 2015. The old library was connected to the neighbouring new-build library via a basement floor. The Aalto information desk is located in the Aalto library.

Koulukatu 21

Opening hours found here: https://kirjasto.seinajoki.fi/english/opening-hours/

Listen more on Library here: https://tarinasoitin.fi/seinajoenaalto/en/library

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Aalto Library

• Alvar Aalto designed 11 libraries in all, of which experts call the Seinäjoki City Library ‘the gem of Aalto libraries’.

• The fan shape of the circulation area is the building’s most original architectural feature.

• Aalto designed a grating for the large windows facing south to bend the intense rays of light. The grating became one of the more beautiful details of the library’s façade.

• Now the Aalto library is connected via an underground walkway to the newer Apila library designed by JKMM Architects.

• The library’s restoration was completed in 2012.