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Nurmon Museon piha-alue.

Nurmo Museum

The Nurmo Museum is maintained by the local Nurmoo-Seura association. The main building used to belong to the local Yli-Teppo or Mäki-Teppo family. It stands close to the original site near to the Nurmonjoki river. Other buildings have also been relocated to the site. The two-storey, double-hall building was built in 1796. The house has an interesting history: its former residents include the notorious criminal Isontalon Antti and a forger from Nurmo, among other historical figures.

The handsome lutti storeroom was transferred from Ylijoki (Juurakko), the Iivery building was brought from Peltola in Martikkalankylä, the workshop of Kustaa Lehtinen was brought from Mäenkylä, and Fiia Lahti’s cabin was brought from Manunkaupunki. Kytökämppä came from Martikkala, the barn was originally a chimneyless house in Hemminki, and the granary used to be an almshouse on the church hill site. The museum also houses a wartime shelter where residents from Mäki-Teppo and neighbouring houses would gather during air raids.


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