Matin-Tupa Cinema - Visit Seinäjoki
Matin-Tupa Seinäjoen Ylistarossa tarjoaa perinteisen elokuvateatterikokemuksen puupenkeillä

Matin-Tupa Cinema

The Matin-Tupa cinema in Ylistaro has been in operation since 1941, when the first film was shown in the then-unfinished building. Today, the 200-capacity theatre shows a selection of films from 3D movies to weekly Finnish premieres. In addition to films, the theatre has exhibitions in the foyer showing a selection of its 20,000+ collection of film posters. Matin-Tupa is the main hub for Ylistaro’s very own “Filmiä ja valoa” film festival. The three-day festival is held annually in November and offers a selection of around fifteen films curated around an annual theme.


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