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Lakeuden Ristin kirkko ja torni kuvattuna kaiteen vierestä.

Lakeuden Risti Church

In 1951, Aalto entered an architectural competition organised by the town of Seinäjoki in search of an architect to design a church for the small but rapidly evolving market town. The competition jury chose Aalto’s submission titled “Lakeuksien Risti”, noting that it was a superior plan. The roof of the cathedral falls and narrows towards the choir, and the floor slopes down towards the altar. The light fittings, chandeliers, communion silverware and altar textiles were all designed by Aalto, as were the stained glass window of the chapel and the fountain at the foot of the church tower.

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Lakeuden Risti Church

• The architectural contest for Seinäjoki’s church was organised in 1951, but the church wasn’t built until the years 1957-60.

• The planned name for the church was Lakeuksien Risti (‘Cross of the Plains’) because the church was supposed to become the cathedral of the diocese. The diocese was located in Lapua, however.

• Alvar Aalto has planned the church and baptistery down to the details, such as the lighting, silver altar vessels and church textiles.

• On the east side of the church building is the Church Yard, designed by Alvar Aalto and bordering on Pajuluoma.

• The Church Council made Lakeuden Risti a protected place in 2003.