Ritari Home Museum - Visit Seinäjoki
ritarin kotimuseon näyttelyn esineistöä, joka kuvaa entisajan elämää.

Ritari Home Museum

The privately owned Ritari Home Museum was founded in the 1980s to preserve a slice of authentic Ostrobothnian local history. Time seems to both stop and fly past as you explore the fascinating buildings. The museum includes a grain storeroom which is said to have the door and bell tower hatch from the old church of Ylistaro, and the Haapoja granary which was once home to notorious murderer Matti Haapoja.

Each building features a range of agricultural and household objects. The buildings include two grain storerooms, the Haapoja granary, the church stables, the machine storeroom, the workshop, the cart shelter, stables and a bedroom.


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