12. Simpsiö – ski resort with multiple slopes, in the middle of the plains - Visit Seinäjoki
Simpsiö Hiihtokeskus

12. Simpsiö – ski resort with multiple slopes, in the middle of the plains

Simpsiö, rising out of the middle of the plains, is the largest multi-slope ski resort in Western Finland. This diverse ensemble offers recreational opportunities for every taste.

Simpsiö has six slopes (family-friendly level 1 slope, children’s slope, 2-4-5 slopes) and six lifts. For some excitement, there is a terrain park slope with rails and boxes. The slope also features a K-55 ski jump. Simpsiö’s elevation is 90 metres and the longest slope is 600m.

During the summer, Simpsiö’s natural area offers diverse routes for jogging and exercise. In addition, there is an excellent harvest of berries and mushrooms at Simpsiö. In addition to blazed nature paths, at Simpsiö you will find mountain bike trails and fixed control posts for orienteering. As the latest addition, an 18-hole disc golf course has been built on Simpsiö’s forest trails, which fits the measurements of the national championship course. The area also includes a viewing tower, where you can admire the expanse of the plains opening around you.

For those staying overnight, Simpsiö has cabins and an apartment hotel, Simpsiönkullas. It’s just a short walk from either of the accommodations to the slopes or cross-country ski trails.

The trip from Seinäjoki to Simpsiö is about 30 km, and you can get there in your own car.

More information: simpsio.com


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