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Winter Swimming in Seinäjoki

When it comes to winter swimming, knowing what to wear, and discovering suitable locations in Seinäjoki are essential. You’ll find answers to these questions on this page. In most places, heading to a lake during the freezing winter might not lead you to expect people swimming. However, Seinäjoki is not like most places. The city has three avanto places, two of which offer the added luxury of a sauna. Sahalampi avanto, located near the city center, the Veneskoski beach avanto surrounded by nature, and the popular Tanelinlampi avantosauna are the go-to spots for winter swimming enthusiasts in Seinäjoki.

Sahalampi avanto

  • Sahalampi beach, Koskenalantie, 60100 Seinäjoki
  • 2 km from the center of Seinäjoki
  • Key for the changing room can be purchased at the Uimahalli-Urheilutalo service point.
  • Price: €5.50/piece
  • This avanto is freely accessible to everyone 24/7.

Veneskoski louhos avanto

  • Veneskosken Louhos beach, Kuortaneentie 905, 60640 Seinäjoki
  • 11.3 km from the center of Seinäjoki
  • The sauna is heated on Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and on Saturdays from 4:00
  • PM to 7:00 PM
  • Single payment must be made to the Veneskoski-Viitala association.
  • More info (in Finnish) from the association’s website.

Tanelinlampi avantosauno

  • Tanelinlampi avantosauna, Lampitie, 60510 Seinäjoki
  • 4.6 km from the center of Seinäjoki
  • The one-time fee must be paid on the spot.
  • You can find information about Lakeuden Avantouimarit ry on social media.
Stairs which lead to icy lake

How does a day that begins with a plunge into icy water unfold? According to the winter swimmers of Seinäjoki, it’s wonderful! Sahalampi avanto is located right near the center of Seinäjoki. On-site, there is a changing room, from which enthusiasts rush into the avanto early in the morning. Once the warm clothes are back on, the cold no longer feels bad at all. For a first-time winter swimmer, the idea of avanto without a sauna may seem too chilling, but the experience will definitely be worth it.

After the first time, entering the avanto becomes easier. However, venturing into the cold always brings a magnificent sense of accomplishment. And no wonder, as the icy water makes you feel light and ready for the challenges of the day. A bit further from the center of Seinäjoki, along Kuortaneentie, you’ll find the Veneskoski beach avanto nestled in the forest. Twice a week, members of the Veneskoski-Viitala association heat up the sauna for the enjoyment of all eager winter swimmers. The frosty ice hole appears relaxing to some and wild to others. Which group do you belong to? No worries, you can go to the sauna even if you don’t dare to go into the water. Gradually taking steps into the water and getting to know other winter swimmers will boost your courage to descend into the icy bath up to your neck.

The ice holes at Veneskoski beach and Tanelinlampi can be reserved for private use, subject to recommendations allowing gatherings. In the company of friends, the winter swimming experience is sure to become a unique memory, with winter still hiding its frost while giving glimpses of spring.

a Hand holding an pastry besides frozen lake in Seinäjoki

Sauna tranquility is a sacred matter for Finns; however, it doesn’t only mean quiet contemplation around a shared activity but also a joyous celebration that deviates from the everyday routine. In communal sauna spaces, those new to winter swimming are warmly welcomed. With encouragement, the dark water of the avanto no longer feels daunting but rather enjoyable.

Two women swimming in icy lake

Tanelinlampi’s sauna is popular both in winter and summer. According to locals, Tanelinlampi, affectionately known as Tansku, welcomes around 750 winter swimmers during fully booked weeks. The regular crowd casually exchanges news in the sauna, even though the temperature sometimes reaches competition-level highs. Fortunately, in the sauna, there’s always the option to descend to the lower benches, accompanied by the soothing heat of the löyly.

Three women pointing at the camera and smilinng beside  avanto

In addition to your swimsuit and towel, it is advisable to bring swimming shoes or sandals to protect your feet and a water bottle to ensure hydration. Some winter swimmers also wear a hat to keep their heads warm in the brisk winter frost after leaving the sauna.

For most people, winter days signify cozy stays at home or outdoor activities bundled up in warm clothes. However, winter swimmers have found a way to add excitement to their routine by stepping out of their comfort zones and turning it into an empowering habit. Share your avanto experience on social media by tagging @Visitseinajokiofficial!

Text & photos by @ilta.lauriina

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