Children's trail Oravapolku - Visit Seinäjoki
Lapset katselemassa lastenreitti Oravapolun Pönttöpuiston värikkäitä pönttöjä.

Children’s trail Oravapolku

Children’s trail Oravapolku is a little over 1 km long nature path suitable for even small children, in the outdoor area of Lake Kyrkösjärvi. It is located in close proximity to the Lake Kyrkösjärvi beach and parking area, opposite to the Käpälikkö nature house. The trail is accessible, so it is possible to push a pram along it.

The trail goes around a nice loop in the forest, and along it you can find, e.g., a saddle barn, hut, craft barn and squirrel lean-to.  Next to the trail, there are also a bare-foot trail and bird forest. Near to the lean-to, there is a birdhouse park. The lean-to has a campfire site and firewood.  The trail also has duckboards. The Nyyrikki squirrel can be spotted along the trail.  Nyyrikki’s trip can be followed from the boards attached to trees. The adventure is written by Mervi Heikkilä and illustrated by Kristiina Mäkimattila.

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