Central Government Offices - Visit Seinäjoki
Alvar Aallon suunnittelema virastotalo Seinäjoella.

Central Government Offices

Aalto completed the administrative complex with a white-rendered, three-storey office building. He wanted to create an end point for the axis that started from the church and crossed through the Citizens’ Square – “a calm background building,” as Aalto is known to have described it. The architecturally most significant part of the building is the district court, which today is used as a meeting facility. Over the years, the office building has been home to the inland revenue service and the police.

Alvar Aallon katu 9
Opening hours: Weekdays 9am–3pm

Listen more on Cental Government Offices here: https://tarinasoitin.fi/seinajoenaalto/en/offices

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Central Government Offices

• In Seinäjoki, it was considered necessary to have the administrative centre as an architecturally unified whole, so the Central Government Offices would also be located in the same area and the designer would also be Alvar Aalto. The central government agreed to the procurement after many phases.

• The government offices became the endpoint of the axis departing from the church and crossing the Citizens’ Square.

• Nowadays the government offices building is owned by the city and used as workspaces for officials.