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Kyrkösjärvi nature trail

The Kyrkösjärvi nature trail is also known as the Kyrkösjärvi nature trail. The nature trail starts at the end of Kyrkösvuorentien (p-area) on the shore of Lake Kyrkösjärvi. In the P-area there is an information board about the trails in the area and a signpost to this nature trail. The nature trail is 6 km long, but you can also follow a shorter route (3.8 km) if you wish.

The nature trail rises immediately on top of Kyrkösvuori, next to the information panel. At this point the path is not clearly visible, but there are several paths leading up the mountain. From Kyrkövuori you have a wonderful view of Lake Kyrkösjärvi and the Simuna housing estate on the opposite shore. There is an observation tower on the mountain from which you can admire the beautiful scenery. The trail continues from the mountain towards Järvilaavu. The route is partly rooted (the path is in heavy use!) and partly with duckboards.

The nature trail has 23 information panels about the area’s nature, plants and animals. The lakeside campsite, as the name suggests, is located on the shore and includes a campsite, a campfire pit, a hut and a wood store. The town provides firewood for the pavilion. From the lodge, the nature trail continues on a boarded accessible route. At this point, you can also return back to the p-area on a wide unobstructed path.

The boarded, unobstructed trail continues south through the Kattilavuori Nature Reserve in beautiful terrain. The forest is thick with old growth and left to grow in its natural state. Fine moss mats cover the ground. There are a couple of places to sit along the route. At the southern end of the trail, the nature trail branches off towards the lakeshore, where you will find, among other things, a tar pit. The trail enters the p-area (accessible by car along the Kyrkösjärvent road) and at the end there are also good information boards about the trails in the area.

At this point, the Kyrkösjärvi nature trail continues towards Kattilaneva. After a few hundred metres, a signposted path branches off towards Latulaavu. On the way, you cross a neva along a duckboard, and the trail ascends into the forest. The atmosphere here is almost that of a primeval forest! Latulaavu has a campfire site, a hut and a wood store. The town maintains the firewood here.  There are various routes from Latulaavu, including an outdoor trail towards Ahonkylä, but this is not marked on the map. There are also paths to the Hepakat pavilion (signposted) and to Latukammi, where there is no signposted route.

The Kyrkösjärvi nature trail turns back towards the starting point, the route is quite rooted and information panels continue along it. The trail runs along the edge of the handsome Kattilavuori Mountain. The trail branches off again towards Järvilaavu, so you can get back on the accessible route. Otherwise, the nature trail continues through woodland, partly along duckboards.

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