Wild Adventure Finland - Electric bikes and guided bikes - Visit Seinäjoki
Ryhmä pyöräretkellä Seinäjoen maastossa sähköisillä fatbike pyörillä

Wild Adventure Finland – Electric bikes and guided bikes

You can rent high-quality electric fatbikes for your own use or book guided tours in the city or in the countryside. The high quality electric Fatbikes we have are equipped with a large battery, which will allow you to cover distances of up to 100km. Fatbikes are perfect for getting out and about in nature, whatever your fitness level. We deliver the bike to the address of your choice in the Seinäjoki area, or you can pick it up at an agreed time.

Rental prices / bicycle:
• 2 hours 35€
• 4 hours 45€
• 1 day 60€ + additional days 40€
• Weekend 100€
• Week (Mon-Sun) 220€
• Bike delivery to the area of Seinäjoki 25€

Prices min. 4 person groups, max group size is 15 persons.

Guided trips
• One hour guided trip
• Two hours guided trip
• Half day trip (approx. 3-4 hours)

38€/person 45€/person 65€/person

Prices are stated for groups of min. 4 persons, maximum group size 15 persons. (7 persons on electric bikes and 7 persons on regular Fatbike bikes. Up to 7 participants, tours are always equipped with electric bikes.)

E-bikes can also be combined with SUP-boarding or canoeing. If you wish, we can organise catering for your trip. You can enjoy a buffet lunch, sausage or coffee from a hot pot along the way, either in the hut or at the lodge.

Additional information and reservations:
Wild Adventure
Kari Saikkonen
Email: kari.saikkonen@wildadventure.fi
Phone: +358 44 989 4360

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