Joupiska and Jääurheilukeskus Ice Rink - Visit Seinäjoki
Laskettelijat Joupiskan laskettelukeskuksen edustalla alarinteessä.

Joupiska and Jääurheilukeskus Ice Rink

Joupiska or Jouppilanvuori is the highest point in Seinäjoki (118m above sea level). The area offers excellent outdoor activities close to the town centre. In winter, there is a ski centre with cafés and restaurants and 3km and 5.5km cross-country skiing tracks which are lit and maintained by the city. In summer, the ski slope is an excellent training ground. There are diverse running routes with rest areas, including a fully accessible fitness trail. Cyclists can go as far as Ahonkylä in Ilmajoki. The summit of Jouppilanvuori is accessible by car.

Jääurheilukeskus is an ice rink located close to Jouppilanvuori. There are two ice rinks and a large artificial track, which can be used by clubs as well as the general public.


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