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New cafes of Seinäjoki

Several wonderful cafes have opened their doors in Seinäjoki during the spring and summer. Each new cafe has its own unique features. However, a few things unite them all; in addition to coffee, you can get delicious pastries and you are warmly welcomed to each of them.

Valkoinen Puu

Valkoinen Puu is already known in Seinäjoki. It is especially known for its delicious cakes, that combine Finnish and American traditions. The café also has a good selection of gluten-free products.

But what’s new? First of all, the new cafe has plenty of space. A beautiful loft brings a lot of extra space. Huge windows rising from the floor to the ceiling open up a nice view to Lakeuden risti. The very central location of the cafe makes it easy to stop by after a movie night in cinema or before leaving to railway station. Also the shops of the city centre are nearby.

The style of the cafe is quite modern, yet cozy. It could also be described as scandinavian bohemian. The atmosphere is truly warm and welcoming. As a responsible company, Valkoinen puu brought a lot of the old furnitures to the new cafe instead of buying everything new. The front of the counter has an eye-catching honeycomb patterned wooden surface. The wooden surface is made from the old floor board of the Valkoinen Puu cafe in Kauhajoki.

The cafe now also offers artisan pizza. The pizzas in Jyväskylä’s cafe have received a lot of praise, so many customers have really been looking forward to tasting them as well. When the weather warms up, garden tables and chairs spread out on both sides of the Valkoinen Puu.

All in all, the new cafe space has brought a modern touch to the cafe and well needed additional space. Fortunately, some things do not change, such as the delicious taste of the pastries and the warm-hearted customer service!

Hanna & Kerttu

Hanna & Kerttu locates in the old premises of Valkoinen Puu, in Kalevankatu 11-13. The fresh pastries of the cafe are delivered streight from the bakery each morning.

Hannan ja kerttu Kahvila Seinäjoki

The cafe also offers a soup lunch and versatile salads at lunchtime, as well as plenty of different salty products, such as sandwiches, pizza and Karelian pies. The sweet options, on the other hand, include a variety of fresh pastries, cakes, buns and cookies.

Hanna ja kerttu cafe Seinäjoki

The charming smell of baked goods, cozy wooden surfaces, spring green tones, comfortable benches and happy customer service greets the visitors – The new premises are especially cozy and full of light. There is plenty of space and a sunny terrace.

Shop & cafe Ihana

Puoti & Kahvila Ihana, located on Koulukatu, offers pastries that melt in your mouth, as well as delightful chocolate confections, which you can enjoy on the spot or buy to take with you, for example as a gift or as a party favor.

Puoti ja kahvila Ihana Seinäjoki

In the same space with the cafe, there is a shop, where the products from all over Finland are on sale. So, while enjoying your coffee in the atmospheric cafe, you can admire the store shelves and the versatile selection of handicrafts.

Espresso House

Espresso House cafes are cozy places to stop by in the middle of the city’s best meeting places. In Seinäjoki, Espresso House is already familiar from Ideapark, but in the spring another cafe was opened to Epstori shopping mall. Now you may also enjoy your coffee outside, on the terrace. In the selection, you can find pastries, high-quality coffee and fresh salads and other snacks, for example, conveniently taken on the go.

Espresso House Seinäjoki

“We employ passionate coffee professionals who all have the same goal; to offer the world’s best coffee enjoyment to our world’s best guests.”

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