Good season has come. The days are getting longer and longer. Trees grow quickly. Many kinds of flowers are blooming. 10 weeks summer vacation of students have just started. Restaurants or cafes open again with some limitation from June 1st. Libraries, museums, theatres, sports centres are also open from June. We should enjoy the short summer with keeping social distance, washing hands properly and so on.

Well, I would like to introduce Senäjoki City’s new service – city cycle rental service that started in the middle of May. As of May 2020, 50 bikes are available in 14 stations mainly in Seinäjoki Centre. You can see this sign and red parking lot.


The fee is 1 euro for 30 minutes and 0.5 euro for students. If you rent it a whole day, it costs 5 euros. Addition to this, a long-term rental is also possible.
Since the bus connection is limited, if you want to go around various places efficiently, bike trip is absolutely much faster. Since you can return it to any station, you can use it just for a short trip to save your time.


It’s easy to use.
Instruction including English can be found in a bike basket.
At first, you upload Easy bike application to your smartphone. Then you find a location where you want to rent it.


When you scan the QR code near the lock, the lock will be released.


These are the bikes. The saddle is easy to adjust. For example, the user of the front one seems to be adult and second from the front seems to be a kid or a short person.
I don’t know whether you’re the user of hand-brake type bike or foot-brake type. This bike is foot-brake type. If you want to stop or reduce the speed, you just backpedal. You don’t have to find a brake.


City cycle is available at these stations. (as of May 2020)

  • Ideapark (Suupohjantie 57)
  • Seinäjoki railway station (Valtionkatu 1)
  • Central Market South (Keskustori 3)
  • Central Marke North(Koulukatu between 9 and 12)
  • Kalevan Navetta Museum (Nyykoolinkatu 25)
  • Aalto Centre/Apila Library
  • Sports Centre (Kirkkokatu15)
  • Frami (Seamk Campus)(Front of Frami B building)
  • Campus area (Keskuskatu 32)
  • Törnävä museum (Törnäväntie 23)
  • Mannelheim park (Crossing point of Koulukatu and Torikatu)
  • Kyrkösjärvi(lake)(Kyrkösjvuorentie 56)
  • Sahalmpi(pond)(Koskenalantie)
  • OmaSp Stadion (football Stadium ) (Alaseinäjoenkatu 15)

For your reference, I put some links.


It’s a pity that most of the big events this summer were cancelled. Before that trip to foreign countries is difficult. But should you have an opportunity to come to Seinäjoki, please try it. It’s easy to bike on the road thanks for lanes for bikers and pedestrians.
* Please remember that it’s not available during the winter season.


I found a Twitter that includes the video. You can see how it works.


Hope you enjoy this article and get some tips for your travel plan.
Keep staying healthy and have a wonderful summer(Hyvää kesää)!

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