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Winter activities in Seinäjoki

Ready to experience winter full of activities in the city of Seinäjoki? If yes, you got lucky, because we have listed top 9 winter activities in Seinäjoki area! First five of them are outdoor activities and three are located indoors, so that even if the weather is bad, it won’t stop you from having fun. We can guarantee you that there is something for everyone and all ages. Welcome to enjoy winter fun in Seinäjoki!

Kalajärvi ice skating rink

Kalajärvi ice skating rink located in Peräseinäjoki is 1,5 kilometres long and it offers beautiful views passing through the forest. Entry for the rink is free of charge and you can rent ice skates from nearby Kalajärvi Restaurant. After skating you might want to sit for a cup of hot chocolate in the restaurant.

Hiking paths

There are many hiking paths and nature trails to choose from in Seinäjoki. Accessible nature route of Jouppilanvuori locates only couple of kilometres away from city centre. It is well suited for kids and those with disabilities or restricted mobility. The route has a lot to see especially for the little ones in the family as there are signs and stories of forest’s animals and a gallery of birdhouses. There are also two huts and places for campfire along the route, where you might want to stop to enjoy packed lunch. You can enter the path either from Jouppilanvuori parking area (Jouppilanvuorentie 66) or near Käpälikkö nature house (Kyrkösvuorentie 26).

Other, more challenging routes include Kyrkösjärvi nature trail and Paukaneva.

Ice swimming

Frozen lake with a hole in it – are you brave enough to go for a swim? There are three places for ice swimming in Seinäjoki, one of them being Tanelinlampi. Tanelinlampi has a sauna where you can warm up before dipping into freezing cold water. Do not be afraid, they say that the feeling after ice swimming is amazing and worth it. All you need to pack for ice swimming is swimming suit, towel, shoes, water bottle, beanie and warm cozy clothes to put on after swimming. See the opening hours and entry fees of the sauna here.

Sledding hills

You can find sledding hills from Tanelinlampi, Teeripuisto, Joupiska and Varsipuisto. Just take your sled with you and head to one of these destinations or find another slope to go down with a sled. But do not worry if you don’t own a sled, because you can also try sliding a slope with a plastic bag or even with oven sheet! Just use your imagination to find the most creative solution.

Joupiska ski resort

Joupiska ski resort has in total five slopes, the longest of them being 500 meters long. There are slopes for skiers of every level, whether you are downhill skiing for the first time or are looking for slopes with high jumps. Free practice slope is perfect for those trying skis or snowboard for the first time! You can also book a skilled skiing teacher for yourself.

The equipment for skiing can be rented from Huipulla restaurant located at the bottom of the slopes. As well if you wish to get some snack or hot chocolate, you should head to Huipulla restaurant. There is also great menu with everything from delicious lunch to pizzas and burgers.

BioRex movie theatre

The new BioRex theatre opened in December 2021 offers the best possible surroundings for great movie night! There are six halls with modern movie technology and audio. The wonderful modern lobby serves you with great selection of popcorn, candy and other snacks and drinks.

Seinäjoen taidehalli

Seinäjoen taidehalli (Seinäjoki art hall) is perfect place to visit for you who is looking for art and cultural experiences. Art hall is located in 130 years old barn building, in art- and culture centre Kalevan Navetta. During your visit to Kalevan Navetta, you might want to go and see Taito shop that sells everything from souvenirs and design items to handicraft materials. There is also a great place for lunch with local flavours, called Äärellä. See the exhibitions and events of Seinäjoen taidehalli here.


Hollywood is the true entertainment centre of Seinäjoki! It locates in Ideapark Seinäjoki and there are eight glow bowling alleys, minigolf with 16 holes and two escape rooms. In addition, there are many other games and a bar. Hollywood is a place you might want to check out even for the amazing Hollywood themed interior.

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