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Piiri – Redevelopment District

The summertime has finished. The days are getting shorter and shorter. It already snowed in Seinäjoki but it melted quicklly. It has been quite warmer than usual year after that.

This time I would like to write about redevelopment district, Piiri. There used to be a psychiatric hospital. The oldest building was built in the 1920s. After new buildings’ having been built, there are 11 buildings (including a church). There were 681 beds in 1985. Yes, it works as a kind of a community. There were a beautiful garden, residents, a post office, a church. Patients did handicrafts and even kept livestock. The photo below is the whole area.

Source: Piiri

This area had been a psychiatric hospital until 1990. Some part of the area had been used as a hospital after that. Finally, most of the area was sold in 2017. Rakennus K. Karhu Oy bought it and plans to redevelop it. This area is named as ”Piiri (= district)”. Their plan is to attract more shops or companies with keeping the rich nature and nice old buildings.

Some companies have already started their business in this building. For example, a small theatre, a cake shop, an organic soap shop, a rental dress shop, a dance school, therapy service and so on.

I show you some of the shops where you can enjoy when you come to Seinäjoki.
This is Lempikakku – a cake shop. There are also macaroons and muffins. The cakes change depending on the season, so you’ll know what kind of cakes are on sale when you visit.

I went there to try the cake buffet the other day. Unfortunately, I arrived there a little bit late, so the buffet was finished. However, I was lucky to take some photos. In Finland we have sometimes opportunities to serve a cake (or cakes) at a party or some occasions. Some people bake it by him/herself. Some people order it at the shop like Lempikakku. The meaning of this cake buffet event is for those who enjoy eating cakes and for those who want to taste before the order. This cake seems to be for a wedding cake.

This event was held at a theatre, Hysteria. As you see, customers could enjoy it by keeping social distance.

Address:Seuralantie 25, 60220 Seinäjoki

Another shop that is suitable to find a souvenir is Go Rento. It sells organic soap, organic cosmetics or special coffee, tea and so on.

These are shampoos made by Go Rento. The green ones are made of nettles and white ones are made of birch trees. The white round one on the right-hand side is soap made of dandelion. All of them are handmade. For example, one shampoo includes 4 bottles of liquid shampoo. All the materials are from nature. It’s very eco-friendly.

You can enjoy coffee or tea in another half of the shop. I got permission to take photos from a customer with a baby who visited the shop then. The lady who sits in the middle is one of the owners of this shop. The right-hand side lady is an intern. There is also a big kitchen. They sometimes have a workshop to make soap there. Yes, they will have a Christmas soap workshop in November.

Address:Seuralantie 25, 60220 Seinäjoki

You can see a small church in this area. Some couple held a wedding ceremony here at the hospital time. It’s a cosy and peaceful church.

The Mass is held from 10 am every Sunday. I took this photo when a concert was held.

Address:Seuralantie , 60220 Seinäjoki

There is also Hospital Museum in Piiri. You can see old tools or machine that were used, some uniforms at the time, some handmade goods that were made by patients and so on. This museum opens from 3 – 6 pm on 3rd Wednesday every month.

Address:Björkenheimin puistotie 2

I like this big garden. When it’s good weather, you can be relaxed sitting on a bench or you just walk around the area. I took this photo in summer.

This photo was also taken in summer. Can you see how big this area is? I won’t be able to stop chatting thanks for this comfortable and peaceful atmosphere if I would be there.

Summertime is good timing to visit, but I highly recommend you to visit autumn leave time. You can see beautiful autumn leaves from September to October.

I like walking on the autumn leaves carpet.

We see yellow autumn leaves more often here but this red autumn leaves are amazing.

It’s like one scene from a movie, isn’t it? This is another favourite spot.

How about in winter? As you see, the scenery has less colour. You can hace very peaceful moment.

The development of this area will take 10 – 20 years. They don’t just add new buildings but try to harmonized new business with historical parts like an artisan village, Fiskars in Finland. As a citizen, it’s good news. The current shops are limited but it would be more convenient when a supermarket, restaurants or other shops were open. I am looking forward to its development.

If you are interested in a historical and idyllic area or like walking, Piiri would be worth to visit.
Hyvää alkutalvea!(=Have a nice beginning of the winter!)

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