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Ihmisiä istuskelemassa skeittirampeilla Seinäjoen skeittiparkilla, yksi ihminen hyppää voltin rullaluistimet jalassa

Discover Seinäjoki’s skate parks

During the summer days, adventurers in Seinäjoki enjoy gliding on skateboards, bikes, scooters, and rollerblades from one location to another. The skateboarding culture in Seinäjoki is lively, offering a range of skateboarding facilities to explore. The prominent outdoor skateboarding spots include No Trouble Park situated in Joupiska and the DIY skateboarding park named Kolistelijat at Rytmikorjaamo’s premises. Let’s take a ride down Seinäjoki’s sunlit asphalt roads as we delve into the local skateboarding culture.

No Trouble Park Joupiskalla

Address: Lakeudentie 20, 60320 Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki’s Jouppilanvuori slope is now home to the impressive and high-quality No Trouble outdoor skate park, established in 2021. Joupiska Skatepark offers a place for tricksters to test their skills and enhance their expertise. There’s ample space for everyone, whether you’re on a skateboard, roller skates, a BMX bike, or a scooter. Various ramps, obstacles, elements, and rails at Joupiska Skatepark await the daring skateboarders to showcase their talents.

Ihmisiä skeittaamassa ja tekemässä temppuja skeittiparkilla

In this upper image, two skateboarders attempt a Back-to-Back Boardslide trick on the Slappy obstacle simultaneously. The lower image features a Bowl or Pool element resembling an empty swimming pool. Here, a smooth trick called 50-50 Grind is being executed.

Mies tekemässä temppua skeittilaudalla

Joupiska Skatepark is a testament to the expertise of No Trouble Association and Seinäjoki’s Sports and Youth Services. Restrooms have been built near the skate park, and adjacent to the Huipulla Restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious meals to fuel your energetic endeavors. Illumination plays a crucial role at Joupiska Skatepark, providing safety for skateboarders during the fall months and extending its use into the bright summer evenings.

Nainen rullailee skeittilaudalla samalla kun muut katsovat

Seinäjoki’s skate parks serve as important gathering places for enthusiasts, regardless of the weather. Indoor skateboarding halls often offer equipment and gear rentals. When heading to outdoor skate parks, remember to bring your helmet and protective gear – safety comes first!

Mies tekee hurjan näköistä temppua rullaluistimilla kaiteen yli
Ihmisiä skeittirampin päällä

Kolistelijat DIY Rytmikorjaamo’s yard

Address: Vaasantie 11, 60100 Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki’s second frequently used outdoor skate park is a result of the local skateboarding culture enthusiasts’ efforts. The Kolistelijat DIY skate park is a testament to the collaborative spirit within Seinäjoki’s skateboarding community. The Lakeuden Wallriver Skateboarding Association has been active since 2004, and you can find information about Seinäjoki’s skateboarding events and even barbecue moments on the association’s Instagram page.

Lakeuden Wallriver Skateboarding:

Kolistelijat DIY skate park is a spacious and ever-evolving hub for skateboarding culture. Creativity, courage, and community are integral to skateboarding culture. Art is strongly present in both Seinäjoki’s outdoor skate parks and indoor skateboarding halls, particularly through various media and graffiti art. Creativity merges with mastering a distinctive skateboarding style and conquering new trick challenges.

Mies tekee temppua skeittirampilla rullalaudalla samalla kun muut katsovat

In the upper image, the Boardslide to Fakie trick is executed on Kolistelijat DIY’s homemade miniramp. The lower image showcases a skillful execution of the Ollie, a fundamental skateboarding trick, using Kolistelijat DIY skate park’s ramp.

Mies hyppää hyppyristä ilmaan skeittilaudan kassa

Lakeuden Wallriver Skateboarding’s activities involve collective learning. The association also extends its reach to surrounding areas by organizing events that introduce beginners to skateboarding tricks.

Mies tekee temppua rullalaudalla skeittirampilla

Soon, a new skate park will enrich Seinäjoki’s skateboarding culture at Lakeuden puisto. Seinäjoki’s skateboarders are eagerly anticipating the opening of Lakeuden puisto skate park. True to its name, the skate park will be situated in the heart of Seinäjoki’s downtown, in Lakeuden puisto at Kirkkokatu 3, 60100 Seinäjoki. In the meantime, the energetic action continues at Jouppilanvuori’s No Trouble Park and Kolistelijat DIY skate park at Rytmikorjaamo’s yard.

Mies temppuilee skettirampilla skeittilaudallaan
Mies tekee temppua skeittirampilla skeittilaudalla, hänellä on yllään kypärä sekä kyynär- ja polvisuojat

It’s time to test your skills at Seinäjoki’s skate parks!

Photographs and text by  Ilta Lahti @ilta.lauriina

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