The Exhibition of Päivi Rintaniemi at Kalevan Navetta - Visit Seinäjoki

The Exhibition of Päivi Rintaniemi at Kalevan Navetta

The temperature had been quite low and snowed a lot in February. We had a ”typical” Finnish winter in a while. It becomes warmer in the latter part of February. I can see the sign of the spring.

Well, I would like to introduce a famous ceramic artist, Päivi Rintaniemi who is from Seinäjoki this time.

Päivi has 2 professions. One of them is a ceramic artist. Another one is the CEO of Amfora. Amfora provides simple and sophisticated dishware. All the products are designed by Päivi and she is responsible for most of the work.

Firstly, I would like to introduce Amfora. The photo below is Amfora shop in Seinäjoki. Amfora products are simple yet playful design based on black and white will not get you tired.

This oval-shaped dish is Amfora’s characteristic product. You can use it alone or in combination like this, so you can enjoy the variations according to the dish.

These all products except for chopsticks are Amfora products. They also match with Japanese dishes nicely.

I took this photo of the opening party of Päivi’s exhibition at Seinäjoki Theatre before. The most famous chocolate in Finland, Fazer milk chocolates are served in an oval-shaped dish. The flower vase is also Amfora product.

The flower vases and the candle holders on tables are also Amfora products. One side can be used as a flower vase and the other side can be used as a candle folder.

Address: Päivölänkatu 32, 60120 Seinäjoki Finland
Opening hour: Thursdays 10:00 -17:00

I would like to introduce Päivi’s activity as a ceramic artist next. Many of her works are white based ceramic. Her exhibitions were held not only in Finland but also in Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Japan. She received the Finnish designer award in 2008 and received the first prize at the International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Firenze, Italy in 2013.

Now her exhibition – ”Calix” ( – 29.5.2021) has started at Seinäjoki Art Museum in Kalven Navetta. This is her first solo exhibition there. This is a good opportunity for local people like me to see her works. Päivi has prepared for this exhibition for 2 and half years.

Päivi’s work is simple and seemingly ephemeral, but it stands firmly in the balance. Her works are resonated in this era with both softness and rigidity. It is also impressive that the light from the window was shining softly like her work.

Photo: Päivi Rintaniemi

The previous photo and the following photo were taken by Päivi. Apparently, you see the good composition and the beauty of her works. So please do enjoy seeing them.
The left work is Calix – the name of this exhibition and the right one is Parvus. They have a good contrast of light and shadow.

Photo: Päivi Rintaniemi

These humorous works remind me of Amfora products and made me smile. Especially now that social distance is prioritized and it is not easy to get together with friends, I can remember the time I enjoyed a good time with them thanks for these works.

I took a photo of Calix and Parvus in a different direction. (Yes, I know. An amateur photo doesn’t show the real beauty of the works.)
The blackboard on the wall is a guest book. Chalks are available, so anyone can leave a message to her. It is interesting that the guest book is a part of the exhibition.

I would also like to write about another exhibition of Matthew Cowan that is shown on the 3rd floor of Kalevan Navetta. He is from New Zealand and lives in Berlin and Helsinki. 

Matthew’s exhibition is like a wonderland that is fused the humour that made me smile and made me feel the awe of nature, too. According to the brochure, he wanted to make the exhibition with local people who would introduce him to a wild place, a real location in the area.

The 2nd floor is covered with concrete and the windows are small but the 3rd floor is covered with wood. The impression of light changes completely. The items put on the table were stored in the museum’s storage. The shadows reflected on the floor also appear to be part of the art. 

The centre photo is a bird-watching tower that is sometimes seen on Finnish trekking roads. And the mannequin that looks like wearing straw standing to the right is a work called Gentleman Striker. In fact, it is not covered not with straws but matches.
I was wondering why Finnish matches were so long at first. Now I found it useful when lighting a candle in a large candle holder. 

This work is named Wildman Who Walks. This is a very ”Finnish” work that uses sticks for Nordic walking. (By the way, can this man walk properly??)

Unfortunately, Matthew’s exhibition will be finished on 6th March. But let’s wait for the new exhibition. Comparing with a museum in bigger cities, Seinäjoki city museum may be smaller. However, artists with local ties and works that relate to Finnish culture may also be exhibited like this time. Lunch restaurants and a shop selling good souvenirs are also in the same building, so please visit there with walking around the city.
Art and Culture Centre Kalevan Navetta
Address: Nyykoolinkatu 25 60100 Seinäjoki
Opening hours:Mon – Fri. 11:00 – 19:00
Sat.     11:00 – 15:00
Admission fee: Adult 6€
Students, pensioners 4€
Children under 18 years old, assistants of a person with sensory and physical disabilities during the visit  Free admission

If you are interested, please go to Amfora shop, too.

Hyvää lopputalvea loppua ja kevään alkua! (=Have a nice end of winter and early spring! )

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