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Game Adventures in Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki offers adventurers a diverse range of entertainment options, spanning from dynamic athletic activities to more relaxed games. When exploring Seinäjoki, consider delving into new games with the board and role-playing enthusiasts at Fantasialinna, immersing yourself in a competitive spirit with Padel or Die’s paddle tennis courts, strategizing at Seinäjoki camping area minigolf, borrowing video games from the library, and putting your skills to the test at Hollywood’s arcade games, escape rooms, and bowling alleys.


Address: Peltosenkatu 3, 60320

What is Fantasialinna? It’s a haven for board games, role-playing games, collectible figurines, and game enthusiasts. Located in Seinäjoki’s Alakylä district, Fantasialinna offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the world of comics and collectible card games. The extensive selection at Fantasialinna covers plush toys, LEGO sets, board games, and even the rarest Pokémon cards.

Kaksi naista katselevat esineitä peliliikkeessä

To immerse yourself in the world of collectible cards, it’s best to participate in game nights. Fantasialinna hosts a regular group of skilled players, and newcomers are welcome to join in the games. The most popular focus is on Magic: The Gathering, a collectible card game set in a fantasy realm. Fantasialinna’s owner, Mikko Ojanperä, is happy to provide more information about game nights for anyone interested. Magic: The Gathering has been praised for its engaging challenges, providing excellent mental stimulation. Fantasialinna’s extensive product range can also be explored online.

Mies seisoo ulkona padel pelikentän vierellä kesällä

Padel or Die

Outdoor Courts: Kirkkokatu 15, 60100 and Suupohjantie 57, 60320

Indoor Courts: Battleground Jalostajankuja 2 and Harjoitushalli Jalostajankuja 4, 60100

At Padel or Die, you can enjoy energetic games that require skill. Seinäjoki offers exceptional paddle tennis courts provided by Padel or Die. Padel is a racquet sport that combines elements of tennis and squash and is played in teams of two or four players. The game features unique glass walls that players can strategically use as part of their gameplay.

Mies pelaa padelia

You can experience padel by renting equipment, including rackets and balls. The high-quality Kirkkokatu court, located in Seinäjoki’s city center, is depicted in the images. Adding to the experience, refreshments are available from the nearby shop, making playing alongside Seinäjoki’s river even more invigorating. Both the outdoor court at Ideapark and the indoor courts at Jalostajankuja invite enthusiasts to play in various weather conditions. The company’s website offers equipment for the sport as well as information about paddle memberships.

Additionally, you can explore other padel courts in Seinäjoki, as Padel Club Finland operates in several cities. By becoming a member, you can practice not only at Seinäjoki’s court but also at paddle courts in other cities. Address: Puurtajantie 28, 60510 Seinäjoki

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Seinäjoen leirintäalueen minigolf (Seinäjoki Camping Area Mini Golf)

Address: Törnäväntie 29, 60200 Seinäjoki

Amidst the natural beauty of Törnävä, you’ll discover the Seinäjoki camping area minigolf, a miniature golf course nestled in a charming forest area. Snacks and beverages can be purchased from the camping area’s shop. Mini golf is a compact version of golf, featuring creatively designed courses with small-scale obstacles that players aim to conquer with strategic strokes.

The camping area offers much more than just mini golf; you can also enjoy frisbee golf or volleyball. The mini golf course at Seinäjoki camping area is open every day during the summer, in accordance with the reception’s opening hours. Mini-golf fees are paid at the camping area’s reception, which also includes equipment rental for clubs and balls. Check opening hours and make reservations on their website.

You can also explore the park golf at Kalajärven Matkailukeskus (Kalajärvi Travel Center). The mini golf course is located by the scenic Kalajärvi Lake and is open daily throughout the summer, weather permitting.  Address: Kalajärventie 6, 61100 Seinäjoki

Apila-kirjaston julkisivu kesällä

Seinäjoen Apila-kirjasto (Seinäjoki Library)

Address: Alvar Aallon katu 14, 60100 Seinäjoki

Seinäjoki Library offers a dedicated collection of games available for borrowing. This assortment comprises both board games and video games. Borrowing board games is an easy process, presenting a choice between classic and contemporary strategy games. If you possess a gaming console at home, you’re welcome to borrow video games as well.

Poika katselee pelejä kirjaston hyllyllä

Around the library’s outdoor area is the famous Aalto-keskus, where numerous seating areas wait for you to enjoy board games on sunny summer days. Additionally, the library’s cozy and comfortable reading corners serve as an excellent refuge for gameplay if unexpected rain appears. Seinäjoen Apila-kirjasto (Seinäjoki Library) remains open every day of the week. Delve into the library’s diverse selection of board games and uncover new favorites. For further details, visit the library’s website.

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Address: Ideapark, Suupohjantie 57, 60320 Seinäjoki

Bring some popcorn and get ready for a bowling competition! Hollywood at Seinäjoki’s Ideapark offers a range of entertainment options, including mini-golf, bowling, escape rooms, and various arcade games. For a competitive experience, Hollywood offers glow bowling and adventure golf. The well-lit spaces shine particularly bright during Hollywood’s glow bowling sessions.

Hohtokeilausta viihdekeskus Hollywoodissa

Hollywood’s escape rooms challenge adventurers to unravel the secrets of a great gold heist. In another thrilling game, an escape room designed for adults takes place in an abandoned building, where participants must find their way to safety before it’s too late. For adventurous groups of friends, Hollywood offers game packages that can be reserved online, accommodating larger groups as well. Reserve a bowling lane and more on Hollywood’s website.

Photographs and text by Ilta Lahti @ilta.lauriina

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