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Babista tarjoilee fiinimpiä kebab-annoksia


We are not here to change your world. Nor are we here to change your life. But we want to change your perception of a underestimated pleasure. That pleasure of kebab. The silent hero of fast food. It's time to take kebab seriously.

We are Babista, a group of creators dedicated to building a new kebab culture. We aim to elevate kebab to the position its thousand-year-old tradition deserves. We offer kebabs made with passion and pride. Our skewers are grilled to perfection, our meat is top-notch, our vegetables and herbs are freshly cut, and our sauces are crafted with tons of flavors.

Join us in the kebab revolution.

  • Address:

  • Suupohjantie 57 (Ideapark)

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  • Babista

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