Welcome to the city of good food!

Seinäjoki´s restaurants

Seinäjoki is known for its good food and food production. We have restaurants for every taste, whether you´re looking for local food or flavours from around the world. In addition to your tastebuds, the wonderful milieu and historic stories of the restaurants in our area feed both the eye and the mind. How would lunch sound in premises of a former garment factory, a hospital´s former horse stable or the old district mental hospital? Seinäjoki can do it! See the intresting restaurants options below.

Seinäjoki cafes

Seinäjoki´s atmospheric cafes are charming both in the heart of the city center full of events and outside it. Here you will find an international atmosphere, homey corners and inspiring cultural milieu. Check out our coffee shop below.

Bars and pubs in Seinäjoki

The night life of the city is calling you, will you answer its call? Seinäjoki´s bars and pubs offer something for everyone, whether you´re a passionate fan of special and local beers, you´re looking for a relaxed night out of your group of friends, or you want to dance until the late hours ot the night while enjoying live music. See our offer here!