Visit Seinäjoki – Shopping


Seinäjoki that is known for its entrepreneurial spirit is a great city for shopping! Whether you are looking for a car, golf club, goldfish or a specific wood processing tool for a timber, you will find it here! What you can’t find from us, that you won’t need. We can promise this even more confidently after Finland’s third Ideapark brought us dozens of new domestic and international brands.

There are many great places for shopping: specialized stores in the city centre, Ideapark, home décor shops on Rengastie, Prisma shopping centre and Päivölä area. The biggest car dealerships are located in Pohja and Jouppi. There’s no car brand, that you couldn’t buy from us. Also the centres of Ylistaro and Peräseinäjoki are good places for shopping.

You should also remember to eat in the hustle and bustle of shopping. There are dozens of cafés and restaurants. For that purpose, there is a wide variety of cafés and restaurants.

When you feel like shopping, head to Seinäjoki. You might want to combine some of our events or culture destinations to your bucket list for the trip as well.