The new year has begun, the winter vacation has gone. Normal life has come back. The day time is getting longer and longer after the winter solstice. We have more snow and warmer days than usual winter.


When I lived in Japan, I usually don’t go out just for walking. Luckily in my city, Seinäjoki provides sidewalk along the main roads. Addition to that, there are many nature trails in the city. So now I enjoy walking or cycling and sometimes cross country skiing! During the winter season joggers use track spikes shoes, walkers sometimes enjoy Nordic walking. Less cyclists than warm season but they ride a fat tire bike or a bike with winter tires.


The scenery changed a lot during the winter. When it doesn’t snow, the scenery is black and gray. But when it snows, it is much brighter and I enjoy the beauty of the nature. I’ll show you the best moments of the winter.




1. Near the river / 川沿いの遊歩道

It wasn’t good weather when I went walking near the river. Anyway, I felt like watching natural arts. The frozen snow on the trees were white and just beautiful.



Snow removable system works well in Finland. Snow was removed from not only main roads but alto nature trails. Due to this system many people (like me) enjoy walking when the weather is nice.



When the cold days continues, even river can be frozen. As you see, the river started to be frozen from the both sides.



2. Near the lake / 湖近くの遊歩道

I went to Kyrkös Lake in the beautiful day. Most of the lake was frozen. In the near side of the photo is playing area and the far side is frozen lake, though it is difficult to distinguish.



The lake is near Seinäjoki Central hospital. The other side of the lake was already frozen and the snow covers it. This side of the lake has been just frozen, so the little snow covers it. The centre part of the lake is about to be frozen. I enjoy this different faces of the nature during the winter.



I was amazed by not only the snow but also snow melted ice on the branches. It glitters by reflect from the sun.



I also see the floating ices on the lake.



Beautiful white tree on the blue sky.



The cross country ski trail is done near the lake when there is enough snow. Though the day time here is quite short during the winter, we enjoy even after the sunset because there are street lights along the trail. Seinäjoki is quite flat place, so even for beginners like me the cross country trail is rather easier than other areas. This trail is free of charge. From children to elderly people, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends or with family people enjoy it casually.



You can go to Kyrkös Lake (near Seinäjoen Terveyskeskus, Y-talo) by bus from Seinäjoki Station(VR Seinäjoki).

このKyrkösjärviに行くには駅(VR Seinäjoki)から中央病院(Seinäjoen Terveyskeskus, Y-talo)までバスで行くことができます。


3. Near Törnävä area / Törnäväエリアの遊歩道

Törnävä area is the starting point in Seinäjoki history. Gustaf Adolf Wasastjerna began to live in Törnävä manor in 1806. It is one of the oldest buildings in Seinäjoki and is currently used as a guest house of Seinäjoki City. Törnävä area is also known as the place of Provinssi – one of the biggest music festivals in Finland.

Törnäväエリアはいわゆるセイナヨキ発展の発祥の地です。1806年にGustaf Adolf Wasastjernaが住み始めたTörnävä邸はセイナヨキの中では古い建物の一つで、今はセイナヨキ市の迎賓館として使われています。また夏にはフィンランドでも有数の野外フェスティバル、Provinssiが開催されるのもこのエリア。

This road leads to Törnävä area. This is only for walkers but the snow was cleared properly. Small snow grains drifting in the air were like splashes. It was comfortable to walk.



It is like the picture in the fairy tale.



As you see, even running water is frozen. The nature power is absolute.



This building is Törnävä manor. This area is nice walking spot. There is a river, a pond, a park, a summer theatre near here. It’s perfect area for walking, isn’t it?



This is also my favorite one. It is just straight road from Törnävä manor to the main road.



Can you imagine that this empty place is full of audience at Provinssi? You can be just relaxed in front of the snow field.


You can also go to Törnävä Kartano from Seinäjoki Station by bus.

このTörnävä Kartanoにも駅からバスで行くことができます。

Hope you like this article, too. You may be afraid of coldness in Finland during the winter. But if you wear “proper” clothes, you don’t have to be afraid so much. The following link is the advice of clothes for the winter in Visit Finland web page.
Iloista talvea! (= Have happy winter!)

いかがでしたでしょうか?冬のフィンランドは寒いのではないかと怖がっている方もいらっしゃると思いますが、”適切な”服装をしていれば大丈夫です。Visit Finlandのページで冬の服装のアドバイスをしているページがあるのでよければご覧ください。
Iloista talvea! (=楽しい冬をお過ごしください。)

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