Time flies. One quarter of 2019 has already gone. Spring equinox day has passed, summer time has come. Yes, finally spring has come to this northern country. The image of spring of yours and mine could be different, so I will introduce “Finnish” spring.



The snow doesn’t melt in the shadow area but the sunlight is getting stronger than before. Etelä-Pohjanmaa, where Seinäjoki situates is famous for its flatland. Roads are sometimes flooded with water in this season. This is one of the signs of the spring.



The scenery was totally white during the winter time because the lake was frozen and snow covered it. Now the snow is melting and some water can be seen. I have to wait for a bit to enjoy being relaxed sitting on this bench, though. (The temperature was around 0 degree.)



You can see the sand. It’s wet not because of the wave (the water was still frozen) but because of freshly melted snow. It would also take some time to be dried perfectly.


I found a big crack on the snow ice. It is getting thinner and is melting more and more. This is another sign of spring.



Can you see the space under the snow floor? This is also the art of the nature. I still could walk on it but it would melt after sunny warm days.



The usual water level is higher but this time of the season is lower with waiting for the melting snow. So I could walk farther than usual.The ice of the lake will melt away like this. Then plants and trees will begin to sprout all at once soon. You maybe overwhelmed by its change. The warm days in Finland is quite short.


However, the air is a little bit cold, I feel the joy of a life after enduring long, dark and cold winter when I see these signs of the spring.



This is a river view. Ice on the river also melted and the stream gains its power.


Cherry blossom can be enjoyed in March or April in Japan. The cherry tee in my garden usually blooms in May. I have to wait for a little bit more but I enjoy Finnish spring waiting for its bloom. I also recommend you this special “Finnish spring”  if you want to have special experience. Hyvää kevään alkua! (Have a good early spring days!)

ちなみに我が家の庭にある桜は毎年5月に咲きます。まだ少し先ですが、開花を楽しみにしながら春の訪れを満喫したいと思います。フィンランドならではの春を体験するのもお薦めですよ。Hyvää kevään alkua! (=よい春の始まりをお過ごしください。)

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