It also has been quite warm in January. We missed snow for many days but finally it snowed in the end of January. Thanks for the snow, the scenery is brighter, the air is more refreshing – I like these points in winter.



Well, I’ll write about a new big shopping centre, Ideapark that opened in Seinäjoki in the middle of November. Ideaprk Seinäjoki is the 7th biggest shopping centre in Finland. Of course it is the biggest in Etelä-Pohjanmaa area and is the 3rd Ideapark. Comparing with big shopping centres in other countries, it may be a quite modest one. However, the area is 70 000 square meters (1 floor) and more than 100 shops are in it. It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

さて今回は11月中旬にオープンした大型ショッピングセンター、Ideaparkについてご紹介します。Ideaparkはフィンランドで7番目に大きなショッピングセンター、もちろんエテラポフヤンマー地区で最大。Ideaparkは3つ目のセンターになります。日本の巨大ショッピングモールに比べれば吹けば飛ぶほどですが、広さは70 000㎡(1階建て)、100以上のショップが入っていると聞くとワクワクしませんか?


At first this Ideapark was controversy because centre of Seinäjoki has been developed in these several years. Do we really need this new big shopping centre that is a little bit far from the centre?
In fact newly opened this centre was attractive enough. Many people came not only from Seinäjoki but also from other cities.



Unfortunately, opening day was rainy. Even though many people waited for the opening moment in a rainy weather. It has a big parking place but it was almost full. Addition to that long queue of cars waited to enter the parking lot.


Ideapark opening day


This is the opening ceremony by Seinäjoki City mayor, CEO of Ideapark and other related people.


Ideapark opening ceremony


By the way, can you guess what this green object is? These are special cakes for opening ceremony. These people were in a queue to get this free cake and drink. Of course I got it.


Ideapark opening ceremony cake


Opening sale was held for 4 days. Most of the shops attracted us by offering opening sale or giving complimentaries. In fact 200 000 customers visited in these 4 days. The population of Seinäjoki is 63 000. You can imagine how crowded it was! I visited 3 times in 4 days, haha.



If you would like to visit Ideapark, you don’t have to worry about a parking place (it’s sometimes quite to difficult to find a good place, though) and you can also come by bus. By the way, you can see “Lataus” mark on the right hand side of the picture. Lataus is a charging spot for electric cars. There are also parking places for handicapped people and family with small children.


Ideapark bus


When you enter from the central entrance, there is a big space. An event like dance event as the picture below is sometimes held.


Ideapark event


Before Christmas Santa Claus came there and children were taken a picture with him. Finnish popular rap duo, JVG had a live here at the opening event. Many people came to see the live.



This is a picture when I went there in the weekend. Stuff member gave balloon to children. I guess the inside of a bucket is candies.




It’s impossible to introduce more than 100 shops, so I pick up some local shops. This is Duudsonnit Activity Park. It would be a perfect place for kids who want to play very actively. If you are interested in it, please watch this video. Duudsonnit is a four-man stunt group from Seinäjoki.

何しろ100以上のショップがあるため、一つずつ紹介することはできませんが地元色の強いお店をいくつか紹介します。こちらはDuudsonnit Activity Park。体を思い切り動かしたい子どもにお薦め。興味のある方はこちらの動画をどうぞ。ちなみにDuudsonnitはセイナヨキ出身の4人組体当たり系コメディアン。

Ideapark DAP


If you want to buy something stylish items, please visit Zicos. Zicos is originally from Krikka, next town to Seinäjoki. They opened a shop at Torikeskus in Seinäjoki and moved to Ideapark.



This is not a local but one of the biggest supermarkets in Finland. Since this City Market is huge, you can find not only groceries but also cosmetics, ceramics as Iittala, stationary good etc. It’s worth to go.


Ideapark City Market


These are machines to recycle cans and bins. The characters from Pyrörööt are used. Pyörööt is from this area. As you see, the boy wear Jussi-paita (= Jussi sweater).

City Marketに併設されている瓶や缶のリサイクルマシーン。なんとそれもPryöröötのキャラクターが使われていました。Pryöröötはこの地区の物語。登場人物は方言を話し、男の子はJussi paitaとよばれるこの辺りの地区特有のデザインのセーターを着ています。

Ideapark recycle machine


Address /住所:Suupohjantie 57, SEINÄJOKI
Opening hour is in this web site.
Bus schedule is in this web site. Matkakeskus is Seinäjoki Station.


I didn’t mention about cafes and restaurants this time, but I especially appreciate more cafes and restaurants are available here in Seinäjoki. Addition to that, parking lot is free, longer opening hour, being able to find something at one place – these reasons attract me to go there. On the other hand, we can’t forget the centre of Seinäjoki where new Central Market  was open have local related /  local connected unique shops and restaurants, too. We visit both depending on the purpose with a balanced manner. Hyvää talvea! (=Have a good winter!)

駐車場が無料だということ、開いている時間が長いこと、とりあえず一通りのものが揃うところ、という理由からちょくちょく通っています。一方、昨年の夏にオープンした中央広場もある中心地にも地元ならでは、地域に密着したお店、レストラン等もたくさんあり、がんばってもらいたいのでどちらもバランスよく訪れたいです。 Hyvää talvea!(=素敵な冬をお過ごしください。)

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