We had a lot of snow this year. Thanks for that we had enjoyed the snow view and cross country ski much longer than usual year. Finally most of the snow melted in the latter part of April and the spring has come.


There are some hotels in Seinäjoki. I would like to introduce you this time Hotel Alma that won a prize of Evento Awards in restaurant /  cafe category in 2018. Evento Awrads have 14 different categories as event place, restaurant / cafe, hotel, presenter/lecturer, artist etc. The winner of restaurant/cafe in 2017 was Löyry that is popular public sauna and restaurant facility in Helsinki.

セイナヨキにはいくつかのホテルがありますが、今回はこの度2018年度のEvento awardsのレストラン/カフェ部門で一番に輝いたホテルアルマをご紹介します。Evento awardsは、イベント会場、レストラン/カフェ、ホテル、講師、アーティストなど14の部門でそれぞれその部門に応募した企業/人/団体の中からグランプリを選ぶもの。ちなみに2017年のレストラン/カフェ部門を受賞したのはヘルシンキにあるサウナ施設、Löyryでした。

The original building of Hotel Alma was built for railway company workers in 1909. After that it was renovated as a hotel. It is one of the quite old buildings in Seinäjoki and gives you classic and cozy atmosphere. It situates very near Seinäjoki Station. So you can walk to the city centre or Aalto centre easily. I also recommend you to rent a bike and go around the city.


Let’s start the journey of the hotel!
Here is the entrance of the main building. You may have a different image from typical modern Northern European image. Yes, Art Noveau-style is used for mirror or lamps on the wall.


Hotel rooms are in the main building and in the annex called Torni (= Tower). This is the corridor of the main building. Natural and warm atmosphere welcomes you.


The hotel staff was kindly to lend a room key to me to take these pictures. The chandelier and the furniture are classic. You can be relaxed in this comfortable room.


This is the outlook of annex, Torni. This building was also renovated. The rooms in Torni is also classic but different taste from the main building.


Torni has four floors. Two rooms are in one floor. Firstly, I show you the bed room of suite.


The inside wall is also brick same as outside wall. Antique-style table and chair are placed and they match to the room.


All the rooms in Torni have sauna. (The suite room has Jacuzzi bath!) Do you know the word “sauna” is original from Finnish? For Finnish people sauna is very important in their life. Most of the houses have sauna even though they don’t have a bathtub. Sometimes all the apartment houses have their own sauna, or sometimes there is a shared sauna. The room with a sauna in a hotel is quite rare but many Finnish hotels have a shared sauna.


This is a standard room. Table is antique and the other equipments are modern. By the way, have you noticed black door in the right hand side?


Let’s open it! Mini bar is here.


This is the restaurant in the main building. Breakfast is available here. You can also eat Finnish lunch buffet. Addition to that, the live music is sometimes performed here. Finnish people like dancing (at least comparing with Japanese people). People dance to the music when they feel so.


It is getting warmer and warmer. This is Alma’s ice cream stand. It will be open on May 1st this year. The portion of ice cream is more than other places, so many people queue here to buy ice creams especially in hot days. I recommend to try this ice cream if you stay at this hotel during the summer.


At the end I would like to introduce special travel package to you. It includes accommodation at Hotel Alma + private guided walking tour (1,5 h) in Aalto centre. The tour can be seen at the web site of Visit Finland.
Hotel Alma’s site is here.

最後になりますが、ホテルアルマでは宿泊+アールトセンターのガイドツアー(1.5時間)がパッケージになったものがあります。Visit Finlandのページでも紹介されています。

Hope you enjoyed the article. You enjoy stylish modern Finnish atmosphere during the sightseeing and be relaxed in a classic cozy room at the hotel. We have more and more events here in Seinäjoki when the weather is better. Please visit us when you find good one. I’ll write about interesting events or how to spend in this city. Hyvää kevättä! (= Have a good spring!)

いかがでしたか?スタイリッシュでモダンなフィンランドを楽しみながら、ホテルではゆっくりとレトロな気分を味わいながら和むのもいいかもしれません。気温が上がり、日が伸びてくるとイベントも増えてきます。セイナヨキはイベントがたくさん行われる街、是非おもしろそうなイベントが見つかったらお越しください。またこちらのブログでも随時イベントや街での楽しみ方をご紹介していく予定です。Hyvää kevättä!(=素敵な春をお過ごしください。)




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