It sometimes snowed, it sometimes rained and melted the snow away in November. The scenery was sometimes beautifully white, sometimes just grey and black. Some of you may imagine people in Finland enjoy beautiful white Christmas but we sometimes had to experience “Black” Christmas without any snow due to the global warming. What kind of scenery would be in this Christmas?



Well, Christmas market has opened in Central Market (=Keskustori) in Seinäjoki. The opening new Central Market was planned with opening Christmas market last winter, but unfortunately the opening of Central Market was delay. So this is the first Christmas market in Central Market.



This photo is the evening (around 5 pm, though) of the first day of Christmas market. The flower statue and Christmas tree over there were lighted up beautifully.



I also visited there during the daytime. As you see, some shops were there. The Christmas market in Seinäjoki is quite new and there were more shops last year because it was open only 3 days. I suppose more shops will be open later.



After lighting up the scenery becomes more gorgeous.


Keskkustori Christmas market


Though the snow melted at that time, the snow flake from projector wass shown on the road.


Keskkustori Christmas market


Restaurant Vinola also opened its pop up restaurant. They served for example, glögi – Christmas hot drink.


Keskkustori Christmas market


I found a Christmas tree in Epstori – shopping mall in the centre.



This is another shopping mall, Torikeskus. The decoration of this mall is also nice and chic.



The last photo is a Christmas tree in newly opened shopping centre in Seinäjoki – Ideapark. That day was opening of Christmas season, so there was a long queue for a photo with Santa Clause. I also saw same or another (?) Santa Clause in Central Market. Unfortunately, the photo was out of focus. Yes, this is only photo of Santa Clause.


Surely more and more people do shopping for Christmas in these shopping malls or in Christmas market from now.



Though it is a little bit cold to visit here in this season, you can enjoy Finnish peaceful Christmas decoration or special Christmas shopping. Hyvää joulun odotusta! (= have a nice Christmas waiting!)

この時期は少し寒いですが、少し落ち着いたトーンのクリスマスイルミネーションやクリスマスショッピングを楽しむことができるのでお薦めです。Hyvää joulun odotusta!(=クリスマスがやってくる時期を楽しんでください。)

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