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How to spend a memorable summer in Seinäjoki

In the summer, the heart of the city of Seinäjoki is full of life, as it is known as a great city of events, and especially the summer events attract people to the city from further afield as well. In addition to the events, Seinäjoki offers its guests a wide range of culture, activities and relaxed entertainment – here you will certainly not get bored. We’ve put together the summer event and activity tips conveniently on one page. Welcome to experience an eventful summer in Seinäjoki!

Enjoy the festival summer of your life

This is the start of the festival summer when you can enjoy live music every weekend! In the week immediately after Midsummer, 30.6.-2.7. Provinssi takes over Törnävänsaari with its renewed and expanded festival area. One of the most traditional and largest music festivals in Northern Europe raises Finland’s top names as well as international artists on its big stages. Just to name few, you will see Korn, Pendulum Live, Deftones, The Sounds, Architects, Opeth, Antti Tuisku, JVG, Sunrise Avenue, Vesala, Anti-Flag, Beast In Black, Behm, Blind Channel and Sanni. Provinssi is a truly unique festival that is worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime!

The following weekend, July 6-10 we change from one genre to another as the Tango Markkinat spreads to the downtown area. There will be traditional stage dances, concerts, competitions, and the unique atmosphere of a summer festival. Finnish artists such as Arja Koriseva, Tuure Kilpeläinen, Suvi Teräsniska, Erin and Samuli Edelman, among others, can be seen on the stage. As an important part of Tangomarkkinat, the arena will host the finals of the singing competition and the Tango King and Queen of 2022 will be crowned. Seinäjoki Tango Markkinat (eng. Tango Market) is, as the name implies, an event with market. So it’s worth showing up to get the traditional licorice and explore the specialties of the market tents.

On July 14-17 comes Vauhtiajot, which combines Race & Rock! The three-day event, which will be held for the nineteenth time and is divided into track- and evening program. Depending on your preferences, you can either just attend the evening’s festivals or spend an adventurous weekend full of motorsports and music. On the stage of the evening event, there will be Finnish artists such as Teflon Brothers, Klamydia, Apulanta, Popeda, Haloo Helsinki!, and SANNI.

The festivals do not end there, as the SolarSound Festival, which has become very popular among youngsters in particular, will be held from 12 to 13 August. It is the 10th anniversary of the Solar Sound Festival, an urban festival of urban, pop and edm music. It will be celebrated for the first time in the magnificent Oma Sp Stadium. The updates of the event will also focus on the services of K18 and VIP customers, offering a large terrace area and a cool VIP lounge. On the stage you will see Galantis (SWE), Zara Larsson (SWE), Inna (RO), JVG, Ghettomasa, Evelina, Gazellit, Ellinoora, Pihlaja, William, Portion Boys and Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth.

Adventurous sports

Seinäjoki offers a good setting for sports opportunities. Slightly more special, fun species experiments in the area are offered by Wild Adventure Finland. You can rent SUP boarding, kayaking and e-Fatibike equipment from them. Kayaking in particular is a great way to get to know the magnificent nature of Seinäjoki from a completely different perspective. The company offers various packages for groups, one of the most memorable of which is certainly a summer night kayaking in Kyrkösjärvi at sunset. SUP boarding, which has become a trend in recent years, is a surprisingly fun and easy sport. Wild Adventure Finland’s SUP boards are inflatable and therefor you can rent it conveniently for the whole weekend.

Culture, museums, plays and exhibitions


Kalevan Navetta (Eng. The Kaleva Barn) Cultural Center offers history, art and diverse culture. Handicrafts enthusiasts visiting Kalevan Navetta will enjoy Taito Shop, the high-quality specialty store for handicrafts and gifts. You might want to visit also Seinäjoki Kunsthalle (Eng. Art Hall), that offers exhibitions, modern art, and diverse events. Get to know the summer exhibitions of the Kunsthalle from here.

Culture Club Carneval is July 6-7. organize a high culture art event. Carneval is a two-day, diverse compilation of various art events. The series of events combines different genres of art, such as live music and electronic music of different styles, visual arts, dance art, improshow and make-up.

NuermoFest will be organized in Piiri area on 27.8. The urban festival of alternative music – electronic and indie – was initially a spontaneous and small-scale event, which later became a small-scale phenomenon. Five years later, the event is known as an interesting place to perform for both local and national performers. Nuermofest’s slogan speaks for itself: “Can’t explain, should experience”.

The newly opened Seinäjoki Graffitilandia is an extensive art exhibition focused on street art. The large hall space hides inside a lot of thought-provoking graffiti and fun street art. In addition, a small café has been built in the space. The project is a continuation of Wasa Graffitilandia, which was first implemented in Vaasa in 2021 and was a true success. Graffitilandia is open until July 31st Tue-Fri 14–18, Sat-Sun 12–18.

In a locomotive garage built in the 1930s, locates the Varikko Gallery, an artist-driven art gallery. The gallery is located on the second floor of the Varikko and is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The gallery has a monthly changing exhibitions. During the summer, Taru Salonen’s barn-themed exhibition will be seen first. In Salonen’s art, the barns are landscape points fixed by time and weather and represent the human footprint in the environment. There is no entrance fee to the gallery.

Seinäjoki Museums and guided tours

Various museums are an essential part of Seinäjoki’s summer experiences. The Museum of Southern Ostrobothnia (Etelä-Pohjanmaan museo), the Finnish Museum of Defense and the Lotta Svärd Museum (Suojeluskunta- ja Lotta Svärd -museo) and the Hospital Museum (Sairaalamuseo) are open with extended hours in June-August: Wed 12–18 and Thu – Sun 10–16, and summer guided tours are available from Thursday to Sunday.

Summer theatre performances and visiting stars

The Törnävä Summer Theater is located in the beautiful scenery of Törnävänpuisto. This summer, July 9-August 20. the musical comedy Handbook of Murder and Love for Gentlemen is seen on stage. In addition, the summer theater will have visiting stars when on 18 July the audience is entertained by stand-up comedian Ismo Leikola. 17.8. singer Dindra will take over the stage and the next day the Niko Kivelä, Ali Jahangiri and Ilari Johansson arrive to visit for a Comedy Festival on 18 August.

Hysteria, a theater, art and event space located in Piiri, right next to Törnävänpuisto, offers a diverse culture, from Improaalto humor performances to current plays. In the summer, Hysteria will present a family-friendly play Kiljusen herrasväki, from July 7 to August 7. and improvisation show Vieraissa from July 8 to July 30, with Roope Salminen, Jussi Lampi and Riku Nieminen.

Summer restaurants and terraces

The restaurant ship Paatti, anchored to the shores of the Seinäjoki River in Frami, is the perfect destination when you want to enjoy good food and warm summer weather. The restaurant’s terrace at water level offers great views of the university campus and the river that splits the green summer landscape. In addition, the restaurant offers live music on summer evenings.

Mallaskoski Brewery Restaurant and its large terrace bathing in sunlight are located on the side of Seinäjoki’s own small brewery in the middle of natural peace and within a short walk from the city centre. The restaurant offers tasty local food, performers, a summer theatre and, of course, a wide selection of Mallaskoski Brewery’s own fresh beers.

Seinäjoki Keskustori (Eng. Central Market) is in its glory during the summer. You might want to head to terrace of Vinola or Vekseli, for example. The sunny terrace of Vekseli is open daily and has seats for up to 400 people. In addition to good drinks, you can enjoy live music in Vekseli’s tents and on the terrace.

Relaxed entertainment and sightseeing for the whole family

A refreshing day at the beach

In addition to events and culture, Seinäjoki also has a long list of other nice and relaxed summer activities for the whole family. In the summer heat you can pack your lunch and go to the beach. In Seinäjoki, beaches can be found from the following places:

  • Kyrkösjärvi, Kyrkösvuorentie 26
  • Sahalampi, Vapaudentie 4
  • Pruukinranta, Kyrkösjärventie 9
  • Törnävä, Törnävänsaari

Both Kyrkösjärvi and Sahalampi beaches have lifeguards. Kyrkösjärvi beach has also Wild Adventure Finland sup rental point a small kiosk where you can get a snack. The beach is shallow and therefore very child friendly. Törnäväsaari and Sahalampi beaches are located in beautiful park areas where it is good to sunbathe or have a picnic. There are also many good swimming places in the side villages of Seinäjoki, such as the popular Tanelinranta beach nearby.

Shopping in the city of shops

In addition to the event city, Seinäjoki is a great shopping city with hundreds of shops. The center is full of sympathetic and unique specialty shops, while in Ideapark you will find large chain stores. In addition, Ideapark hosts a wide variety of small events throughout the summer, and the Ideapark train offers a city tour in the summer for 2€. We have listed categorized stores of Seinäjoki area on our website, so you can easily find what you are looking for. You can access the Shopping in Seinäjoki tab here.

In nature and on city tours

There are a lot of nature trails in Seinäjoki, one of which is Jouppi’s Children’s Route. Along the route there is a lot to see and experience, especially for the little ones in the family. Children’s trail Oravapolku (Eng. Squirrel route) is a trail less than 1 km long in the Kyrkösjärvi outdoor area. It is located right next the Kyrkösjärvi beach and its arking area, opposite Käpälikkö Nature House. The route is easily accessible also with a stroller or a wheelchair. When leaving for the trail, you might want to go to the nature house Käpälikkö to buy snacks.

If you are looking for a larger landscape, it is worth climbing the Periscope observation tower on the shores of Lake Kyrkösjärvi. Representing the architecture of modern wooden construction, Periscope reaches a height of 13 meters. The offers a great view over the lake and the same view also opens from the lower level, as the designer has considered those with disabilities. The landscape is reflected through two mirror surfaces.

Rataskatu animal farm is lovely place located in Alakylä open to everyone. The farm is a place where a sheep with its winged buddies is waiting to get petted. The animals make sure that every visitor knows they are warmly welcome. Rataskatu is a sympathetic summer destination implemented with community support from local businesses. In practice, the farm can be found in Alakylä, Seinäjoki, on Rataskatu, in the city’s forest plot. Arriving from Sarkakuja it is immediately on the right side after turning onto Rataskatu and when coming from Rataskatu after the last hall building on the left.

Fun indoor and outdoor activities

Rainy weather is unlikely to ruin the day in Seinäjoki, as there are a lot of indoor activities are offered as well. In Dudesons Activity Park, you can jump on trampolines and go wild no matter the age. In Hollywood, there are activities such as bowling and mini golf. Seinäjoki bowling center (Seinäjoen Keilahalli) also offers bowling, Squash, Racketball, badminton and snooker. A mini golf course has also been opened in their yard for the summer. There is also a cheap, comfortable and a bit more challenging mini golf course at Törnävä camping site.

At the Seinäjoki Liikennepuisto (Eng. Traffic Park), children under the age of 12 can safely learn the rules of the road at the wheel of a play car. The park, which is open during the summer, is visited by about 10,000 children and their parents every year. The park is like a fun miniature world with cars, a talking traffic light, a refueling point, shelters, a roundabout and sidewalks. The park is located opposite the swimming hall, at Kirkkokatu 18 and is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm.

You might like to add visiting Seinäjoki’s new movie theatre to your bucket list for the summer as well. Opened in December 2021, the large movie theatre BioRex offers six cinema halls equipped with modern cinema technology and excellent film delicacies in the lobby bar.

We wish you a nice and eventful summer in Seinäjoki!

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